Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sewing: Patriotic Prairie Dresses for the Fourth of July

When I saw this Moda Prairie Paisley fabric last year I loved it! I think it's all at once prairie, bohemian, victorian, and a bit exotic. I thought it would be great for Fourth of July dresses if I could find the right pattern. A year later I decided the Portabello Pixie Gracie pattern would be perfect! It's a bit old fashioned with all the ruffled tiers but a little sophisticated too so as not to look too pioneerish (a significant risk in Utah). I then had to hunt to find the Moda fabric but luckily did, and so Butterfly, Stripe and three different colors of Indienne arrived about two weeks before the 4th. I had to make Portabello Pixie's Ruffle Pants again after making them for the birthday outfits. I love the look and the utility. Especially with Scarlett crawling all over the place. I used the Butterfly and (ticking) Stripe fabrics. I used a solid red cotton for the neck on the Gracie dress, and made covered buttons with it too. My favorite view of this dress is the back! Scarlett's dress is made from a combination of the Portabello Pixie Claire and Gracie patterns. I made the round apron dress (without the apron) earlier this summer for Scarlett to coordinate with Audrey's birthday dress and thought it was so cute. This time I used the tiered Gracie skirt, left off the apron but used the Claire tie. I love the petal ends on the tie--my favorite view of Scarlett's dress is also from the back. I cranked out the dresses just in time. Well, my husband begs to differ. I actually finished about an hour after our BBQ started, but it was worth it. I think the girls look darling in the dresses--these may be my favorite yet--and they can wear them again on the 24th of July, which is Pioneer Day/The Days of '47 in Utah--celebrated like another Fourth of July.


Tasha Horsley said...

the dresses are super adorable! very lovely fabrics and patterns! i used to live in utah when i was in my growing up years and i miss the 24th of july!

k, i'm off to see your other cute dresses posts!!

Summer said...

Super cute dresses - super cute girls! Love the red trim on the older girls dress.

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