Friday, October 8, 2010

Sewing: Luxe Lovey Tutorial

I was invited to be a Creative Guest on UCreate last month and developed this tutorial for the occassion. Because I am a "finisher," meaning that the satisfaction of crossing off a project on my list (and posting it this blog) far outweighs the enjoyment of the process, I love things that can be done quickly. This Luxe Lovey is just such a project. It's perfect for an assembly line approach to making a bunch at once. And great to have on hand for baby gifts. I'm providing the full tutorial here today.

When my daughter, Scarlett, was born, a friend gave her a "lovey." I wasn't familiar with the concept, just thought it was a cute, portable, baby-sized blanket. But she explained that the mother is supposed to sleep a couple nights with the lovey to imbue it with her scent, and then give it to baby so that baby will be comforted by it when mommy is in the other room sleeping, or away for an hour or two. So it's soft and cuddly and portable, and smells like mom--perfect!

I love that these minky and satin loveys are luxurious. A little bit of luxury goes such a long way! And if you make a batch of them the price per lovey is scandalously low--such a nice secret for a luxe baby gift.


The potential combinations are endless, but I picked Retro Dot in bubblegum pink and Dimple Dot in white for one lovey, and ...


...Minkee Tween Fresh Flowers in mandarin orange and Minkee Tween Cheetah in mandarin orange for the other.  This would be a fun group project--split the bill to buy minky for a multitude of different combinations and go home with a variety.


To view the tutorial click the link below:

To make your own Luxe Lovey you will need:

  • 1/3 yard each of two coordinating minky fabrics (with 60" minky you will actually have enough fabric for 6 loveys!)

  • 1 package Wright's Satin Blanket Binding (1 package is enough for 3 loveys; buy two packages to make 6 loveys)

  • Matching thread


To start, cut 10" squares of each of your minky fabrics (1/3 yard of 60" minky is enough for 6 squares).


Then, round the corners. I much prefer the rounded look and it makes adding the satin ruffle much easier. I used a small tin as a template for the curve on one corner. 


You can trace the curve on the wrong side of the fabric and cut, or use a rotary cutter to cut around whatever you are using for a template. 


Once you've established the curve on one corner use it as the template for the remaining three so all are identical. Repeat this for each minky square you are using.


Now for the satin ruffle: Take your packaged binding and cut it in thirds. You will have three pieces, each about 58" in length. Take a length of binding and sew the ends right sides together to form a ring.

Press the seam open and then fold and press the entire length of the satin binding to remove the packaging creases.


With the binding folded in half, as it came, gather along the open edge. Stitch 1/4" from the edge (aligned with your foot as shown above) using your longest (basting) stitch and with your tension set at the highest (9 on my machine).

I found I didn't need to pin the binding to do this but since the satin will inevitably creep you can make a small pleat in the top layer occasionally to compensate. It will blend in with the gathering.


Now divide the binding in four, mark with pins, and pin right sides together to the centers of each side of your minky, as shown above.


Pull your thread to adjust the gathers and pin the binding all the way around the edges of your minky. Baste stitch the ruffle in place with a 1/4" seam allowance.

Now you will take your coordinating piece of minky and pin it right sides together with the ruffled piece, being careful to fold in the satin ruffle so it's lying flat and clear of the edges. (The satin ruffle is "sandwiched" between your two pieces of minky with edges of the the two minky pieces and satin binding aligned.)


Leave a two inch opening to turn right side out, as shown above between the red and blue pins.

Stitch on top of the basting to avoid having to unpick any basting stitches (which is impossible to do on the satin without pulling up extra threads).

Turn right side out (so cute!) and stitch the opening closed as close to the edge as possible. The minky hides the stitching rather nicely, especially if it is patterned.

And there you have it: your Luxe Lovey!

It's hard to stop with just one. You'll want to make them in all sorts of combinations. And why not give away two at a time--it's great to have a backup of your child's comfort object as you know what a nightmare it is if it goes missing.


Trista said...

What beautiful and luxurious Lovies! I just finished reading the last few posts of yours, and you are incredibly talented. Your baby girl is absolutely adorable, and almost brought me to tears. It's just crazy to remember your children ever being that tiny!!

I am also in love with the little baby bolero, if I wanted to try knitting, what kind of project or book would you suggest for a beginner??

Thanks for the tutorial!

Heather said...

I love this tutorial, I just started sewing and I am working on this right now. Can I post this on my blog page so I can show my finished product when I am done?

Anneliese said...

Heather, I'd be happy to have you post the tutorial or pictures, please just link to me. Thanks!

Heather said...

Thank you!

abc baby said...

i love this lovey !!!!! do you think this could be made in boy colors and fabrics for a baby boy???? my sil is having a boy and friend is not sure what she having so i didnt know it would work for them ????

Sarah said...

these are so cool!! and very pretty prints and colours here.

Sarah said...

these are so cool!! and very pretty prints and colours here.

Anonymous said...

I ended up making three of these before my daughter was born in February. She loves them and it's nice to have spares - one in her bed, one in the car and a backup.

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