Friday, May 2, 2014

Party: Rainbow Art Birthday for Scarlett (Printables)

Are you party planning? I am. And to get myself inspired I'm finally sharing Scarlett's Rainbow Art party from last year. I've shared a few of the projects that went into this, such as her felt rainbow crown, and the rainbow number birthday cake. But now I'm sharing all the details and you know what? It was a fun party!

Scarlett has long been a fan of rainbows, which I know doesn't make her unique. So I knew a rainbow party was in our future but how to put our own spin on the theme? I decided to stay away (for the most part) from the ubiquitous ROYGBIV arch and instead designed an event with a rainbow of colors, but not exactly in that order!

I also had ideas about giving Scarlett and her friends a chance to create some colorful projects to bring in another of Scarlett' favorite things: making art. They had a great time! There is nothing like the opportunity to make something to put smiles on girls' faces.

I purchased DIY snowglobe kits and made my own rainbow inserts (free PDF file of rainbow insert) for them to color. Because what little girl doesn't love a snowglobe?

There were canvas tote bags to decorate (with rainbows too if they liked!) and fill with their creations and party favors, including

artist's sketchbooks with canvas covers for decorating (which they also did at the party)
transparent stacking crayons in rainbow colors

(almost used these mini watercolor paint sets too!)

I used a 3" circle punch and cut dots out of scrapbooking papers in coordinating colors to create a rainbow backdrop in our backyard and luckily IKEA was stocking fun rainbow tablecloths, trays and napkins perfect for this party.

The girls helped me decorate bamboo forks with rainbow dots, 

and I wrapped a rainbow assortment of sodas with the striped papers from my rainbow party printable collection.

The girls snacked on fruit and vegetables and soda.

And of course there was the rainbow birthday cake.

Scarlett was just thrilled with it! It made me so happy. It still makes me smile. You can find all the details and a tutorial for this rainbow numbered cake in my previous post.

I worried the cake might be too rich for our guests but that was silly.

I made Scarlett a rainbow dress with yellow mini pom pom trim. It's yet another pattern I have in the works (need to finish a few of these and get them out there! If only I could clone myself....)

I love the "Happy Stripe" rainbow polka dot striped quilting fabric from Riley Blake.

We topped it all off with a rainbow felt crown monogrammed for the birthday girl. 

Birthdays are the best days!

(If you are interested in my Rainbow Birthday Party Printables you can find them in my Aesthetic Nest Etsy shop.)


Robyn said...

Happy! Joy! Just reading about this sweet party makes me smile. Thanks for sharing.

Emily said...

So colorful and beautiful!

Elasha said...

Oh my! I have a certain daughter who would love a party like this. Brilliantly done.

kristin said...

Love the rainbow theme, it's so happy and fun. My little gal is super into drawing rainbows too, she puts them on everything...but we had a Frozen party today of course, haha.

Unknown said...

It turned out SO cute!! Love all the details and the fact that you and your hubby look rainbow-ish too. Such a great party. And rainbows are so much fun!!

Julie said...

How creative and fun! You're a cool mom!

Anonymous said...

Que coordinado todo y cuanto trabajo, pero ha merecido la pena por lo felices que son los niños. Mis hijas ya crecieron pero me hubiera gustado hacerles cumpleaños así. Felicidades a la cumpleañera y un besito desde Sevilla. Ani.

Alexis said...

Thank you so much for posting this... LOVE it. My daughter LOVES rainbows right now, so this will be a perfect theme for her party next month. Also, I love the dress you made... when do you think you'll have the pattern available? Would love to be able to purchase and make before her party. So beautiful - and what a great way to add elements that are so special. Looking forward to seeing the pattern - LOVE it! And thanks!!

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