Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sewing: Photo Floral and Faux Leather Bateau

Well, in a surprising move, I've sewn something for myself. I need to do more of it! I've been perusing patterns and looking through my stash dreaming of some summer dresses or skirts. It's just difficult to make myself the priority when I have three little muses running around!

This top is a grown up version of my Bateau Neck Top (a bit more fitted too compared to the striped bateau I made last year) with the Kangaroo Pocket Tutorial add-on. I was inspired by the faux leather and fleece top I made for Audrey a couple months ago. And I was dying to use this photo floral knit again! (I made Tess a simple Bateau Neck top) with it earlier this year.

(work it...)

I still don't have this fabric out of my system and I have a bit more so maybe a skirt is in my future too. I could try the pencil skirt tutorial by my Simple Simon friends.

So I have a new top for Spring, to go with my new shorter hairdo, and my new blog header. Three new tops for spring! With summer just around the corner.


Unknown said...

Very cute and flattering. If you ever decide to sell the women's pattern I would totally buy it!

Elasha said...

Nice work, and you look great! I would buy the women's version too.

Anonymous said...

MonĂ­sima la camiseta, estas echa una artista!! Besitos desde Sevilla.Ani.

Julie said...

I really like the combination of the faux leather with the floral. It's feminine and just a little bit edgy.

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