Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sewing: Oilcloth Baby Bib and Checkbook Cover

The oilcloth creating continues! I've become a bit batty about the stuff. I just keep thinking of more fun things I can do with the remainder pieces from my art smocks and splat mats and tablecloths.

So here is this darling baby bib. I love pink and red together! When I was in gradeschool my mother once made me (at my request) a red velvet suit with a bubblegum pink ruffled blouse to wear underneath. It was quite the statement and very cute I thought. So here the memory resurfaces in my pink and red bib.

This little project is so easy. I traced the pattern from another similar bib I had, used seambinding to finish the top of the pocket, pinned the pocket to the bib and then bound the edges all around. I dded some squares of velcro for fasteners. My little Scarlett is a bit of an escape artist when it comes to bibs so I'll have to test this model. I wish they would make industrial strength velcro.
**NOTE 4/28/10: I just went to one of my oilcloth resources, Mendel's, and read this warning on their site about using oilcloth for children under twelve. "There is no lead in the oilcloth, but the levels of Phthalates are too high to comply with the new standards for items which are going to be sold and are intended to be used by children under 12 years old. So you can still make and sell bags and other things created with oilcloth but items like bibs and splat-mats cannot be sold." What a bummer. I haven't had much luck finding the perfect substitute in a more health and enviro-friendly form. I need to research some more!**

I don't even carry a checkbook, but if I did I would like to carry it in this cute oilcloth cover. I just happened to have some leftover pink strawberry but I also think it would be fun to make some seasonal covers to switch out. There is a darling Day of the Dead oilcloth print out that would be great for the Fall/Halloween season.

The checkbook cover suggested to me an eyeglass holder. Now that is something I would use quite a bit as I'm always tossing my glasses into my bag and scratching the lenses. Maybe I have a good gift idea for this Christmas!


Oilcloth: Mendel's, Oilcloth by the Yard,, Doxie Shop, Denver Fabrics Rickrack for a great price at

PATTERN (Instructions)

Baby Bib (for PDF pattern, click here.)
  • Yardage: less than ½ yard (1/2 yard will make 4 bibs running with selvage; 1 yard will make 9 cut perpendicular to the selvage)
  • Notions: 1 package Wrights extra wide double-fold bias tape (1 package is 3 yards)
  • How to: Print two copies of the PDF pattern. Tape the pages together and cut out bib from one copy and bib pocket from the other. Trace patterns on wrong side of oil cloth and cut bib and pocket (in contrast oilcloth if desired). Seam bind top edge of pocket and pin pocket to bib with wrong side of pocket touching right side of bib. Seam bind all the way around the bib, catching pocket. Sew on Velcro fastener.

Checkbook Cover

  • Yardage: less than ½ yard (13”x7”) (1/2 yard would yield 6 checkbook covers)
  • How to: Cut piece 13”x7”; fold in short edges 3” on either side, right sides together and pinch to mark fold. Unfold and turn under short edges wrong sides together ¼” and stitch down to finish. Fold short edges in along pinch mark right sides together and stitch down short edges with ¼” seam allowance. Turn right side out and stitch down ¼” edge between check book pockets to finish.


Eron said...

I love the bib! I found BPA-free oilcloth at my fabric store (it was even labeled as such). It seems a little thinner than the regular oilcloth, but still great for this project. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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