Friday, October 30, 2009

Knitting: Lacy Baby Bonnet for Scarlett

I have been dying to make this lacy bonnet for a baby girl ever since I got Erika Knight's book, Knitting for Two, a few years ago (so many beautiful projects in this book!). Unfortunately I didn't get to make it for Audrey--either she was already too big or I was consumed by other projects, maybe both. So when I found out my next baby was a girl this bonnet was one of the things on my list to do for her.

So I have had a creamy pink yarn set aside for a little knit set for Scarlett but the scheduling of Family photos for today caused me to rearrange a bit. I knew there was no chance of getting a sweater done for Scarlett in time but I thought I had a chance at the bonnet and a dress. So I pulled out some off-white yarn and started the project on my vacation in Hawaii envisioning an off-white and chocolate brown ensemble.

I knitted this project on larger needles than called for since Scarlett is 12 months and the pattern is for 6-9 months. I was hoping it would fit. Of course it's impossible to truly gauge while it is on the needles and when I finally bound it off Scarlett was asleep a couple hours before the photographer was to arrive. I substituted a crochet edging along the bottom instead of the knit (picking up stitches tends to drive me nuts--it's so incredibly slow--maybe I haven't learned the best technique) to save some time and then called my darling neighbor, JoAnn to ask for help with the rosette bows. She is a flower arranging, bow-tying genius and I knew it would take me too long to figure it out on my own. We tied the bows and sewed them to the sides of the bonnet just as the photographer was walking down my driveway and while Scarlett was still sleeping. I was hoping it would fit! Luckily, it does. However not everyone is a fan of this retro looking bonnet. When I put it on Scarlett my husband asked why I wanted her to have Princess Leia hat! I don't care, I'm going with it. I just love the really retro baby look.

UPDATE: It was totally worth it--even the last minute panic with the bows! Look how gorgeous these pictures turned out. These are by Jennifer Fauset. She does such a beautiful job with children and families. I think Scarlett looks like my little Puritan baby--so old fashioned. I couldn't be happier!

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