Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crochet: Picot and Lace Layette

I know it seems a bit crazy to be working up a wool sweater in the middle of summer, but it's never to early to start on Fall knit and crochet, and I wanted to get a little layette set finished for this baby girl before she arrives. So from white to wool we go...


I love the vintage look of this sweater--a bit of a theme with me. The pattern is by Abigail Goss and available free online.  I used Knit Picks Andean Treasure 100% baby alpaca yarn rather than the other sport weight yarn specified in the pattern. Two skeins were enough to make the sweater and hat. This yarn is so soft; I love it! Not the girliest of colors I know, but I love this cloud like "Fog" color. I need to make something to go with it that adds a bit of blush or pink but it would look beautiful with white or off-white (my favorite baby colors).

I love the details in the sweater and the fact that it's created all in one piece--no sewing side seams or sleeves! 

I wanted a matching hat so I created my own baby cloche pattern using picot and lace. I first made the hat in a newborn size, but it's always such a gamble guessing what size will work when the weather is right, so I made another cloche in a 3-6 months size (pictured below).

This hat is so quick! It can literally be crocheted in an hour or less. So I kept going and made it in sizes 6-12 months (given the requests for the "Best Baby Cloche" pattern in that size) and 18-24 months (pictured below) so Scarlett could have one. (Which of course prompts the question about a "Fog" sweater for Scarlett to go with....)


Scarlett loves to wear hats and so far she is taken with this one too. 


You can find the pattern for this baby cloche here:

If you crochet a Picot and Lace Baby Cloche please consider adding a photo to the Flickr group--I'd love to see it! Thanks!


Karin van D. said...

It's so adorable. I think the yarn you used is so beautiful, great job!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Gorgeous! Wish I could crochet!!! i WILL feature this at tomorrow!

springrose said...

This is so beautiful, I am hoping I am having a girl so I can make this. My baby is due around Christmas this year. Perfect outfit for a new sweet bundle of joy! Congrats to you and your sweet family. I enjoyed looking at several of your blog posts, especially the sewing and crochet! What fun and so colorful!!!

My Love is..... said...

So cute I could just fall through the screen. Your pictures are stunning also :)

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

I lied. I featured this last night. Sorry for the mix=up! BTW, I am naming your blog as a "blog to watch" at I can't believe you have less than 200 followers. You are just so talented and have so much to offer. (Grab my "blog to watch" button. It is at the bottom of the buttons from the menu bar.)

luvinthemommyhood said...

Gorgeous!!! So cute!

ROZ said...

Very cute.

Emily said...

This is so beautiful. Is it wrong that I want one for myself?

Not kidding. I may try to work it up in an adult's size. :)

heather said...

so beautiful!
i'm trying to make the cardigan. is the increase mentioned throughout the patter "2hdc in next st"?
love your blog!!
thanks for any help.

Anneliese said...

Heather, yes, that is the increase the pattern refers to. Good luck with the cardigan--such a cute pattern.

designgurl said...

Just happened to come across your website and love all of your projects! The layette is beautiful and I would love to try to make one for a gift, but the link to the pattern appears to not be working. Would it be possible to share the pattern?

Thanks in advance!

Travis and Christina said...

This is a beautiful hat and sweater! I am wanting to make one for my friend's little girl. Did you by any chance ever make the sweater in the bigger size? My friend's daughter will be a year old this month, so the 18-24 month size would be perfect for this next winter. I've never made a sweater before, so I have no idea how to change the pattern to make it bigger. Any help you can give me will be very much appreciated! Thank you!

Anneliese said...

@Travis and Christina: I have actually wanted to make this sweater in a larger size for my baby. I made the one in this post following the pattern exactly, but not exactly checking my gauge ;-) and it's probably a 0-3 month sized sweater. When I do it again I was thinking of adding to the initial chain and seeing if I can figure out the math in the pattern to increase the yoke and body, and then just add length. I have never done this before with a sweater...and since I haven't tried yet myself I can't offer any specifics. If I do make it larger I will certainly post about it and share my calculations, which might help you! Another thing I've done several times is to use a larger yarn and hook. So rather than a sport weight, you could try a DK yarn and the hook recommended with it and see what that gets you. That method is certainly experimental but at least you don't have to alter the pattern, and in my case I was sure one of my girls would fit into it at some point! This is a light enough sweater you might give that a go with the idea that it could really be worn any time of year... Good luck!

Martha said...

Precious! I, too, like the vintage and white colors! Thanks for sharing this pattern!

seaschell said...

The hat was so easy to crochet! Thanks for a great pattern. :)

Steph said...

I would love to make that cute sweater, but the link now says it's under construction? Could you check for me? Is there somewhere else I could get the pattern from, or do you have it?? Thanks! Stephanie

Sue Turner said...

As the post above says, I'd love to make the lace epicot sweater but the link you posted doesn't work. Do you have the directions you could e-mail to me?

Thank you so much! I'm glad I found you on Pinterest :)

Anneliese said...

@Sue Turner: I am sorry this pattern isn't available online anymore! I can't seem to find a link for it. If you'll email me at Anneliese [at] Aestheticnest dot com I can try to help. Thanks!

Star Ashley said...

I found the pattern for this sweater by Abigail Goss on You have to sign up to access it but here you go:

Anonymous said...

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