Monday, November 12, 2012

Room Design: Bleached Tablescape for Thanksgiving (Tutorial)

Last year I decided on a "bleached" tablescape for Thanksgiving: I gathered fallen branches, pinecones and acorns from my backyard, dusted them with white paint, and arranged them in different glass containers for a monochrome effect.
I varied the scale by mixing in some similarly whitewashed pumkins and gourds and grounded it all on a crisp white tablecloth. What I love about this look is that everything else pops--the bit of gold on the china, and especially whatever food will be served on those plates.
I shared the steps for this DIY in a Kirtsy slideshow last year and now I'm bringing the tutorial home. Click to read about bleaching your own tablescape.

Creating a bleached tablescape is simple. It relies on gathering some things from your backyard or local park: I used fallen acorns, pinecones, aspen twigs. I love using the natural things around me and bringing them indoors. There is so much there if you look. I wish I had chestnuts, especially before they burst from their prickly coverings, but our squirrels have been too efficient this Fall.
Place your organic materials on drop cloths or butcher paper or newspaper.
With a can of semi-gloss white spray paint (I used Rust-Oleum) follow the manufacturer’s directions to apply a light coat of white. This doesn’t have to be even close to perfect. It looks better if the paint application is uneven—more opaque in some areas and more transparent in others. 
Turn your objects once or twice to get at least a dusting of white on all sides. Allow them to dry. Typically you need to allow at least an hour for this.

Then, thinking of single-bloom floral arrangements, group your objects together for greatest impact. Use glass vases or serving bowls as containers and think about varying the shapes and sizes to create more interest. Bud vases or votive holders would look great filled with acorns. I took a trifle bowl and layered acorns and then pinecones.  I also included some faux pumpkins and large gourds, purchased from my local craft store, and painted white.
I am adding more gold tones for our Thanksgiving this year but I also think it would be fun to do this for Christmas. It's a winter wonderland... Hope you enjoy getting ready for the upcoming holidays! I love this time of year.

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Bari Jo said...

This is beautiful in its simplicity - I can just picture how it will pop the other colors - great idea! Thank you for sharing! :o)

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