Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Printables: Mustache Valentines (Free Download)

I've finally done it. I've given into the Mustache trend. Audrey was excited about some foam mustaches we found at Target so I created a quick printable Valentine to go with them. This is a great candy-free option for the card exchange. I was thinking of a line something like, "there's no disguising it, I want you to be my Valentine," but thanks to my Instagram friend, Mae, I landed on "I Mustache you to be my Valentine." Perfect!

This Mustache Valentine is a free printable for you. It will print two 5"x7" Valentines. The file is set up to print double-sided (be sure to flip on the long end and/or check to see the reverse is printed right-side up before you crank out a class-full).

You can use glue dots or tape to affix a purchased stick-on mustache over the mustache silhouette on the card. I found mine in the Valentine section at Target, but you can find some online (Amazon has some furry mustaches--affiliate link here). 

You can also cut your own foam mustache stickers if you have a Cricut or similar machine using this mustache .svg file and black sticky-back foam

I am laughing thinking about a class full of gradeschoolers wearing their fake 'staches. 

These would be cute with a mustache lollipop or wax candy mustache too.

Fold the Valentines in half and use some black and white Washi to tape them closed, and you're all set!

So, I really mustache ask you....

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