Sunday, July 20, 2008

Crochet: Baby Announcement Layette

When I found out I was expecting a baby girl I was so excited about crocheting this old fashioned layette for her (among a long list of other things, including some of the beautiful things I ran out of time to do for Audrey)! My good friend, Sue, crocheted this for her granddaughter and I thought it was so classic. So I've had the pattern stashed away just in case.The pattern is from a Family Circle Easy Crochet magazine (Spring/Summer 2007). I used it for the sweater and bonnet. Sue is making the matching blanket as a gift for me (I'm too impatient about crossing projects off my list to tackle a blanket). I made the booties from a Martha Stewart pattern and added the shell edging on the tops. I love these booties because they are more likely to actually stay on!
Rather than the yarn specified, I used Jaeger Baby Merino 4-ply yarn in Dream (SH 123). The color is SO dreamy! I love it! It's a sort of a pinky beige or a light sandstone. And it is soft soft. The perfect color for peachy baby skin.
I added a button to the top of the sweater and I altered the collar a bit so it wouldn't lap over the front facings. I also left off a row of edging on the bonnet because I love the look of the scalloped edge as is.
So it is ready to go and waiting for my little girl to arrive and wear it in her baby announcement photo. Can't wait to see her, and see her in this!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sewing: Audrey's Kitchen Playthings

Ever since I sewed the aprons and tablecloth for my nieces and sister for Christmas, I've wanted to do some for Audrey. We decided to get her a play kitchen for her 2nd birthday, but it took forever to arrive (the darling KidKraft Prairie Kitchen was backordered and didn't arrive until a couple months after her birthday). When it was finally here we assembled it and set it in her room and I went to the quilt shop to see if I could find fabrics to coordinate. I used two of the Moda Dottie prints from her bedding and found some great red, gold, blue and white prints to go with!
I love this reversible tablecloth with ricrack.
I made the same fat quarter child's aprons as I did for my nieces. I made two so Audrey has one to share with a friend.
I had enough fabric left to make little napkins.
And, I crocheted a little blue washcloth and used a purchased red waffle washcloth for a dishtowel.
I found this vintage children's cookbook in my mother's things. Looks like it was published by the Carnation Milk company. I love the illustrations! I remember making things from it--especially the "1-2-3 Fudge Sauce." Can't wait to use it to cook with Audrey!

Now Audrey has everything she needs to cook, set the table and "eat."

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Painting: Cliffs Near Zion National Park

After the portraits of Audrey and Zoe I needed to do something with a little less pressure! So I went to my stack of photos and found some images I shot down near Zion National Park last year. These cliffs are somewhere outside the park (north of the park) and I think they are so great looking!

This is a small one again, 8"x10", because I was hoping to finish it in one sitting. It took two, but it's still finished! I like it. I wouldn't mind it on one of my walls. Might work nicely for a present for someone too.

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