Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sewing: Girlie Aprons for My Nieces, and their Mom, for Christmas

This year my family is trying a new type of gift exchange for Christmas: rather than exchanging individual names, or giving to everyone (as, to be honest, I love and prefer it but I guess it's a bit out of control that way) we are rotating through our sibling order and each giving to a family. So my family is giving to my younger sister, Christy's, family. She has two little girls, 3 1/2 and 1 1/2, and they are getting a kitchen playset for Christmas, so I talked to Christy about getting them play food to go with. Found this adorable HABA BIOFINA felt food at Moolka--I'm all about natural materials for toys--and decided I should sew some little aprons to go with. My friend Amy, of OurScoop, showed me a pattern for a reversible child's apron made from fat quarters so that kicked off the project.

I found these adorable girlie fabrics to match the pink play kitchen and I decided to add rickrack to the pockets and a pompom trim on the bottom for extra girlie-ness. Also found some great pink and green striped ribbon that coordinated perfectly for the ties.

I loved these fabrics so much I decided to buy extra and make a little reversible tablecloth, with rickrack of course.

Once I'd finished the aprons and tablecloth I couldn't resist making an apron for my sister, Christy, so they could all don matching aprons and play in the kitchen, or cook for real. I didn't use a pattern, just made it up as I went, mostly using fat quarters. To make it really simple (avoid rolling hems) I folded the fabric for the ruffles, stitched to the apron back, and then covered the seam with a topstiched pink ribbon. So if the ruffles flip up, no messy seams. I love this apron--it's so feminine and flirty! I'll have to make one for myself someday.

I really had fun with the trims--rickrack and pompoms and ribbon. I stopped before making their dad, Justin, one too...sorry, Justin.


Anonymous said...

You are amazing!!!! Can you tell me where you got the patterns for the girl's full apron, as well as the gorgeous RUFFLED apron? You stated that your friend, Amy, of Our Scoop showed you the pattern for a reversible child's apron made from fat quarters. I went to her site but could not find any reference to the apron. On the ruffled apron, I understand that you sewed the ruffles to an apron back - can you share where you got the pattern for the apron back (and is it a child or adult pattern)? Love EVERYTHING on your blog. Do you have a favorite fabric shop? You choice of fabrics is perfection. Thanks for sharing!!!! First time I have ever posted to a blog. Don't really understand exactly how to do it so I posted under "anonymous.

Anneliese said...

Hi "Anonymous"! Thanks for your comment! Made me smile reading it today. Also makes me thing that perhaps I should do a tutorial on the ruffle apron. I thought there were many out there, but maybe not. I made it in a women's size and used two fat quarters (sewn in a double-layer rectangle) for the apron backing and then just sewed on the ruffles. The child's apron pattern was a hard copy from a local quilt shop but I found this tutorial that is very very similar: My aprons just made a different shaped cut in the fat quarters for the arms, which are then used for the pocket. Hope that makes sense. So you cut an arc out of the top corners of the fat quarter to make the butcher-apron shape and then use those cuts to make the triangular/arc shaped pocket. Hope that helps!

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