Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sewing: The Bateau Neck Dress (Pattern Extension)

I have had so many ideas for sewing The Bateau Neck Top in all its variations (and thus the Back-to-School Bateaux Tour). Plenty to keep me busy. But at the same time I, and many of you, kept thinking "dress." Wouldn't this classic top make a cute dress?

And it does! 

Two dresses as it turns out.

I designed the Bateau Neck Elastic Waist Dress with a short gathered skirt and faux drawstring tie. Sporty. Cute. The kind of dress I wanted to wear as a girl with a pair of white Tretorns or Keds. Doubles as a beach cover-up. Perfect casual look for the first day of school. Could add a cardigan and boots when it gets cooler. (Gotta add that to the "to sew" list!)

It can be dressed up with sandals too. And, it works with all the options from the original Bateau Neck Top pattern, which means you can add pockets, a ruffled neck, or a pleat in front.

Scarlett is wearing it with elbow-length sleeves here. Another variation I had turning in my head: shorter sleeves. Not just elbow length, but almost cap-sleeved too (see Tess' shirt here).

Then there is the Bateau Neck A-Line Dress.  It's the Bateau Neck Top with some length. But not just straight down the sides--it has a slight bit of flare. And side vents at the hem for extra ease.

I love this version with the pleated front on Tess. So simple, but a bit sophisticated. This dress works with pockets (see Scarlett's rainbow version here), a ruffled neck, in the Classic Bateau Neck style, or even with buttons all the way down the back. (I have to make one with buttons!)

These dresses are suitable for knits. In this Heather Ross Briar Rose Jersey the dress is soft enough to sleep in. (Hmm....)

These two dress patterns, and two shorter sleeve options are available in The Bateau Neck Dress pattern extension. You can find it here in my Wee Muses pattern shop. (I'm so excited to see the shop looking a bit more full!) 

**The Bateau Neck Dress pattern extension is an add-on to the original Bateau Neck Top pattern. It does not work as a standalone pattern.**

This pattern extension includes digital patterns and instructions for sewing:
  • The Bateau Neck A-Line Dress
  • The Bateau Neck Elastic Waist Dress
  • Short Sleeves
  • Elbow Sleeves
I'm excited about the ways this pattern extension multiplies the options for The Bateau Neck Top! It includes 19 pages of detailed instructions for using the enclosed patterns to transform The Bateau Neck Top into a dress, or simply add the shorter sleeves to the top. There are 18 pages of pattern pieces for printing but you needn't print all of them--I've included page ranges for the different styles of dresses and sleeves.

You'll need between 1/4 to 1/2 yard of additional fabric to sew the dress compared to the original top. I've included the combined yardage in the chart above, along with a repeat of the extras, such as pockets, for the different versions.

In keeping with the quality of Wee Muses patterns, this pattern extension:
  • is digitally graded and drafted for the greatest accuracy
  • includes markings and guidelines for easy pattern printing and assembly
  • provides full-color photo tutorials walking you through the necessary steps for a great finished garment
  • is tested by seamstresses in the US, Europe and Australia to ensure printing compatibility 
I can't wait to sew with it more! I have plans to share at least a couple more as part of the Back-to-School Bateaux Tour. And I think some of my friends on the tour plan to sew Bateau Neck Dresses too.

How about you? 

You can find The Bateau Neck Top Dress pattern extension here.


ari said...

Oh these are just SO cute! The more I see this pattern the more I want it! I love the fabrics you chose too, the tiny pineapples are adorable! I love that knits are becoming more popular (and designers and making some amazing prints!) and cuter and easier to source!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the pattern extension!
It's such a natural evolution of the original pattern (which I loved so much)!
My girl has been wearing her version as a beach cover-up as well - it's perfect and so easy to put on and pull-off!

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