Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sewing: Beach Robes 2013

We are squeezing in a summer vacation very late this year. Better late than never! But it did feel a bit like the summer was cut short as the going-on-vacation preparation collided with the back-to-school preparation. Audrey's backpack for the first day of school is packed and waiting for her because we return home late and send her off this next morning.  She's not at all concerned however.

I had all sorts of deadlines for myself before leaving, some of which I actually pulled off over a few late nights. (Isn't that always how it goes for moms?) So I arrived at our destination a bit short on sleep. But being here makes it impossible to feel anything but happy and relaxed! Yeah! We are at the beach!

One of the things I had high on my checklist were some new Beach Robes. You probably recognize the pattern by MADE, which I was able to help Dana test when it came out a couple years ago. Aren't they just what you need for the beach? They were the perfect creative-meets-functional project to gear up for a summer trip.

Sometimes cute and creative is enough for me, but I'm learning that it's nice to make things that get a lot of wear.

I love the robes I made the girls originally--they were so cute--but you should see them now. Totally shredded. They got a lot of use. There is nothing left to hand down!

This time I made long-sleeved versions and lined the hoods again. I love the lined hoods! Probably my favorite part of the pattern because I get to find cute prints to coordinate with the towels. I also opted for the tie all the way around the back to show more of the binding. The girls love them!

I used towels from IKEA (on Audrey and Tess) and some polka dot ones I'd bought at Target last year (or the year before?) and stashed. I upsized the pattern for Audrey, used the large size for Scarlett and cut between the medium and large size for Tess. They all fit great, with a bit of room to grow (we're rolling the sleeves at the moment).

Sunny or overcast, early or late, the girls love the beach! Audrey has learned to boogie board. Tess will now get her feet wet. And Scarlett runs up and down finding shells and digging in the sand.

It's a pretty great place for a picnic too. (We love s'mores!)

Hope you are soaking up the last bits of summer as well! Here comes school... (but that's fun too!).


Meredith said...

How fun getting away to the beach!!! The girls look adorable in their lovely beach robes, so glad you are all having a fabulous time.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I'm a beach girl too! Love the beach robes and you're right, the lined hoods really make them pop!!

Crafted by Carly said...

What a brilliant summertime post - the photos sum up beach-trips so well! You did a super job with those beach roves - a brilliant project!

jeifner said...

Oh they look great! Wish we were close to a beach. Maybe we'd use these as after-running- through-sprinklers cover ups.

Jane LaFazio said...

simply adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

AS USUAL cute-as-can-be beach robes for 3 darling daughters...sewn in colorful fabrics with needed hoodies!
LUCKY girls enjoying FAB food while wearing robes at the BEACH on your family vacation at the end of the SUMMER. THANKS for sharing many delightful photos. the trio can certainly wear these robes through the years. Sarah Helene from Minneapolis, MN

Emily said...

Oh so fun! Those robes look perfect. :) I also seem to decide I need to sew up something for trips and it's usually like right before we leave. :)

Seaweed and Raine said...

Anneliese, they all look fantastic! I especially love Scarlett's polkadot version (I'm a sucker for polkadots), but the colours of Audrey and Tess' are gorgeous too. :)
Enjoy the last smidges of Summer. I'm getting excited as Spring is trying to burst forth here at the moment, warmer days to get out in, but cooler nights to snuggle under the doona still.
Sheree x0x

Ana Sofia said...

Beach robes are such a great idea and these are so special (and gorgeous)!
Lucky girls!!

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