Monday, February 2, 2015

Sewing: Waldorf Doll Wardrobes (Part I)

One of the best things I did for this past Christmas was sew a wardrobe of clothes for each my girls' Waldorf dolls. By "best," I mean most fun and most satisfying! Thank goodness I ended up with a couple days right at the end to squeeze it in. I tried to get everything else out of the way so I could sew until the 24th and see how much I could finish.

As it turned out I finished quite a bit! Five outfits for each doll. Sewing for dolls is really quite quick, but it's multiplying by three dolls that creates the challenge. I also thought of things to try as quickly as I sewed so I've got a big mental list for more. Stay tuned!

You might remember the Waldorf dolls I sewed and gave to my girls for Christmas the year before last. Well they have had nothing to wear but the doll cardigan sweaters I had knit the year before that. The girls had teased me about this fact this past year. There were a few items of clothing from the doll I made Audrey years ago, but not enough to go around. Then Scarlett had been asking if I planned to sew for them again this Christmas so I thought doll clothes would be the perfect thing.

I started with a doll-sized version of one of my favorite girls' patterns: The Summer Set.  Each doll has a Flutter Dress (actually minus the flutter on the arm) with matching Bloomers. I love the button detail at the back and found the tiniest buttons at Hobby Lobby to coordinate.

They also received a Flutter Top and Bloomers Set. I had such fun digging through my stash of fabric and scraps to find the right patterns for each doll (daughter, really).

Some of the dolls have "flutters" on theirs, and others don't. 

I packaged everything in some chipboard nesting suitcases (affiliate links). Red suitcases for Audrey, green suitcases for Scarlett and yellow suitcases for Tess. I loved the bear wardrobe Dana sewed for Sprinkles a couple years ago. She'd found a gold toiletries case to package it. So darling! So I took inspiration from her and looked for some small suitcases. I love these nesting set of three--lots of room for clothing and accessories. And they'll look so cute stacked in their rooms.

I made digital sewing patterns for all these clothes so stay tuned as I share those, and more of the doll clothes I sewed for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I love these dolls. Will you please share the pattern information as I would love to make them for my granddaughters (I have 7). The way you styled these pictures is ever so pleasing to look at - the little suitcases make these "picture perfect".

Anneliese said...

@Anonymous: See this post for a bit more info about the dolls ( I made them using an out-of-stock Magic Cabin pattern but I've seen patterns and kits for "Waldorf Dolls" on Etsy. I hope you can find one! So cute!

GrayColors said...

So cute anneliese! That pattern is also one of my favorites (comes in second to the ruffled chemise). You make me want to make one of these dolls for my kids!

Dotted Whale said...

I tried one to do a Waldorf doll and couldn't. My doll was loke a potaoe with eyes or that black things potatoes has. This dolls are beautiful. Love the suitcases.

Dotted Whale said...

Anneliese, sorry for my first comment. I wrote it in my phone and autocorrection in Spanish change some words. Ups!

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