Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sewing: A Waldorf Doll for Audrey

Based on advice I've received from many moms and dads, seems it's a good idea to have a special gift for Audrey when her baby sister arrives. Something to make her feel as if she hasn't completely fallen out of the center of attention. A lot of people recommend a "baby" of her own, to mimic mommy and the new baby, but I liked my friend, Margie's, advice: she said you'll have a real baby in your home and Audrey should learn to help with her baby sister. She also reminded me that as parents we often have different ideas about how children should play, what toys they should bond with, how lifelike their toys need to be, etc. So instead of getting a doll with all the attendant baby accessories (which was difficult anyway since I didn't want plastic), I decided to sew a little Waldorf doll for Audrey. I love these dolls! I love the philosophy behind them. And I really hope Audrey will love hers.

Thankfully I have an amazing friend in Margie who has made many of these dolls for her daughter and some friends. She and her girls, Sophie and Olivia, came over to my home a couple evenings and Margie taught us how to make the dolls. We were using the Magic Cabin Doll Kit, but it helps to have someone to offer the finer points of dollmaking. The trickiest part was making the head, and getting the wool wrapped tightly enough. There was also a lot of hand sewing. It took a bit more time than I imagined but I think she turned out beautifully!

I wanted to make the doll to resemble Audrey so I embroidered big, round, dark brown eyes and a little pink rosebud mouth. I didn't like the lighter brown hair I found so I went with a reddish-brown. Audrey's hair has been cut in a cute pageboy style but that wasn't really possible with the doll so I opted for bangs and pig tails. Also thought this style was least likely to be too abused by a toddler!
I used the Magic Cabin Doll Kit patterns for the clothing as well, which sew up really quickly. Difficult to make clothing that small however!
I had a difficult time finding what I thought was the right fabric for the clothing in terms of the right pattern scale. I think these fabrics (Bubbles & Blooms by Beverlyann Stillwell for Lyndhurst Studio and Classic Red by Paintbrush Studio) worked really well for a traditional, American look. I would also like to try something a little more funky and European, but I can make more clothing later.

The important thing is that I finished this doll in time! Audrey was a week early and so who knows when this little baby girl will arrive...

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Anonymous said...

I saw your newly knit trio of sweaters for a Waldorf doll & not knowing what type of doll this is, I clicked to read & see photos of your earlier post on the hand-made doll. WHAT a BEAUTIFUL soft doll for a little girl! I've been enjoying your BLOG with the variety of crafts & decorations you CREATE for your daughters & family, especially the PARTY decorations! THANKS from a fan! Sarah Helene in Minneapolis, MN

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