Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rooms: Baby Girl (#2) Nursery

The nursery is coming together! The chair was delivered, and I love it. My upholsterer did such a great job with the slip cover--matched the pattern perfectly. I love this fabric, and the trim, and it's comfortable besides. I made a pillow out of the crewel-embroidered fabric for the crib bumper (actually cut out two in a plan for twin beds down the road but only sewed one now as hand sewing the trim was a bit tedious). I found the side table on of all places. Love it when I can find what I had in mind--no painting required.

For years I have been storing this painting of my mother and I realized the colors and size are perfect for this little girl's nursery! I love the idea of my mother looking over her. I painted this right after I graduated from college and my mother really never loved the idea of it hanging in her home. I think it made her self conscious and/or maybe she didn't really care for it. When I pulled it out a couple months ago I thought about trying to change I few things I would do differently now but decided to leave it as is. It is from that time. And I think it looks like my mother, which is the most important thing to me.

I have set up the little display cubbies in the closets. They add some color and personality to the room. I love these closets! More about them later (we had some built in Audrey's room too).
The crib is all set up. I am really happy with the way the bumper and skirt turned out. I LOVE this fabric. So fun to do another girl's room and have it be so different from Audrey's. This room feels sort of eclectic vintage to me, while Audrey's is a bit more formal, a bit Asian. I don't know... In any event, I really enjoy pulling these rooms together.

I found a crib sheet with a pale pink polka dot at Target, and I think it's just the thing for the crib.

Audrey didn't need the chest of drawers in her big girl room so it's in Scarlett's to use as a changing table. The glass knobs work here too luckily.

I have some ideas for a couple more oil paintings to paint, a framed crochet piece and some crochet pillows, but that will take some time. For now we're pretty ready! We just need the baby girl to put in the nursery!

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Meredith said...

I know that this post is from 2008 but I just had to say I love the fabric of the crib skirt. FYI... I found your blog through my cousin-in-law, Katie Middlebrook's, blog about the Heirloom Blanket, which she made for me (or should I say my daughter). Can you tell me where you found the fabric? The colors are EXACTLY the colors that I want to do in the nursery and I have been having a hard time trying to find the blue/green color scheme in a print that I like.


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