Thursday, October 30, 2008

Knitting: Lace Yoked Sweaters in Dusty Rose

These sweaters are my favorite knitting project so far! I love the old fashioned lace yokes. I found the pattern for Audrey's toddler sweater at Lionbrand but I used this beautiful cotton/merino wool Dusty Rose "MainLine" yarn from KnitPicks.

Turns out I really enjoy following a more complicated pattern and yarn overs are really not so difficult. It keeps it more interesting so it seems to go more quickly than sticking with stockinette. I think the result is beautiful! I want to do this sweater again in a larger size. Would be gorgeous in a dark color--KnitPicks has a "Red Velvet Cake" that looks fabulous.

I love the seed (moss) stitch around the neck and in the placket. Though the pattern for Scarlett's sweater didn't call for it I decided to duplicate it because...

...Scarlett's sweater is from an entirely different pattern--more popcorn than lace--but I like it too. I used Lorraine Major's 5HBS (five hour baby sweater). I went out on a limb with this one because the pattern called for a bulky yarn but I wanted to use the same worsted weight yarn. It worked, but barely. It definitely could have been a bit bigger.

I didn't do the popcorn on the bottom of the sweater as per the pattern so that Scarlett's sweater would be more similar to Audrey's.

So fun to have the matching set.


Irēna said...

a beautiful job! I like the colour very much! And your girls are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am having trouble finding cute sweater patterns for small girls. They all seem to be for babies. Can you share this pattern? I am having trouble accessing the Lion Brand website.

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