Friday, October 23, 2009

Sewing: A. Henry Halloween Blouses with Pumpkin Corsages

I saw this fabric on Etsy--someone made a darling baby blanket with it--and I immediately went hunting (haunting?) for it. Tough to find. It must have been a 2008 design. But I did finally find it and ordered enough to make two little blouses for my girls.
I love these retro trick-or-treaters. They look like litle Campbell's Soup kids or grown up Gerber babies. So cute.

I based these blouses on a ManiMina dress pattern--one of many that takes the pillow case dress and adds sleeves--and added the shirring to the bodice and sleeves. I also belled the sleeves a bit.

I thought it would be cute to add a little Jack-o-Lantern corsage to these so I crocheted these little pumpkins--a circle with a few extra stitches on top for the stem, and then embroidered the faces.

Audrey has told me she doesn't want to wear this blouse because it's too scary! Not as much fun for me now that she has more of an opinion about what she wears, but luckily Scarlett still can't voice her opinion. She is stuck wearing all of my creations.

Happy Halloween!

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