Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sewing: Dresses for Scarlett's First Birthday

Just 30 minutes shy of Scarlett's first birthday, I've finished the dresses for Scarlett and Audrey to wear to the party. They turned out so cute! Scarlett's is super darling. I love the foresty theme and muted Fall colors in Lecien's Folklore, and yet the print is an appropriate scale so as not to overwhelm my little girl. I can't wait to see her in it. I used a PDF pattern from ManiMina's Etsy store and added the band and pocket. I lined the dress to make it less transparent and a bit heavier since the temperatures have cooled significantly this week. I'm happy I did. It's a nice weight and a nice finish inside. I left the sleeves unlined so they are a bit lighter.

I found these darling Robeez shoes to match! How could I resist little scarlet shoes for my little Scarlett? They are a great match and good for my little walker. I also found a tiny clip for her hair in red polka dot. I love Rachel Weissman clips. I used them all the time for Audrey when she was little.

Audrey's dress turned out beautifully too I think. I love this Joel Dewberry Ginseng fabric. It's Fall and feminine and a little more sophisticated for my three year old. I think the faux bois is so fabulous! A bit funky for a little girl but I think it works. In fact, I have enough left to make some ruffle pants in it, which I think will be really fun. I also bought it in chocolate to make a tablecloth for the party. We'll see what Audrey thinks. I love the ruffle neck but I'm worried she may not want to wear it. I'm trying to get her excited about the pocket as a distraction! I think this dress will look darling with chocolate brown leggings underneath.

Happy to have the sewing done for the party! Now onto the menu... I can't believe I haven't figured that out yet. Not at all like me.

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