Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crafting: Scarlett's Birthday Party Invites

Hard to believe our little baby will be turning one in a couple weeks! I have been so consumed about trying to plan Scarlett's first party. You would think I were planning a wedding! I wanted it to be the perfect first birthday. I wanted it to reflect her personality. I wanted it to feel a bit Fall, a bit baby, and fun. So before she starts asking for mermaids or fairies or princesses I thought I'd do a woodsy party. I was thinking red and white toadstools, hedgehogs, fawns, flowers, squirrels, trees, that sort of thing. I have been into this German, black forest, dirndl sort of thing lately for some reason... I was hunting everywhere for fabrics and looked at a lot of Japanese imports but couldn't find the right thing. Then I found some great fabric for Scarlett's dress, more for one for Audrey and the idea was cemented.

I went to the scrapbooking store when I had about fifteen minutes one afternoon and was so happy to find some paper with just the right feel. In fact I am wishing this were printed on fabric, it is so cute. The toadstool pattern is DCWV 12x12 GRN Woodlnd Toadstools (0S-038-00009) and the green polka dot is Little Sprout Collection (Sunshine #SP542).

I was really wishing for a Cricut to do some fun die cuts on these invitations but I don't have a Cricut and I didn't really have a lot of time so I went pretty straight forward. I used Windows Bauhaus font--it has the right sort of fun, juvenile feel while also keeping with a slightly German theme. ;-)

Though not too fancy, I think they are cute. And I think they will set the right kind of expectation for her party.

Now I need to seriously get in gear with the dresses!

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