Sunday, September 20, 2009

Knitting: Finally! An Eyelet Dress for Scarlett

I feel like this project has taken me forever! And I couldn't move on to my other long list of fun things until I finished it. Finally, it is finished and I think it is beautiful and I love Scarlett in it!

Part of the delay was the difficulty--following this pattern required my full attention, which I didn't always have to give. I tore out and changed needles to fix the gauge, I tore out to fix mistakes, I knitted slowly. The back of the dress took years it seemed. But then, happily, the front went much more quickly as I had the pattern memorized and didn't have to check as often.

I ordered the Rebecca Baby magazine including this pattern over a year ago and thought I'd make it in cream and pale blue to match Audrey's pale blue crochet dress. I think both dresses are so timeless. I was motivated to start by the idea of a family photo, but that fell apart, and then I was consumed by sewing summer dresses, and then I realized summer was about over and I had half a summer dress for Scarlett that I'd better finish if she were ever to wear it.

I thought about cutting bait a few days ago. I'm glad I stuck with it. I also had to make little slips for them to wear underneath.

I used Paton's Grace yarn in Natural and Sky. I love the mercenized cotton.

Couldn't quite get the photos I was hoping for, but still, don't they look sweet?

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