Friday, October 23, 2009

Knit and Crochet: Beach Dresses for Audrey and Scarlett

Because I finished Scarlett's eyelet dress so late in the season she was only able to wear it once before the weather was too cool. And of course I had saved Audrey's crochet tank dress so they could wear them together, so she only wore hers once as well. As I was packing for our trip to Maui I packed these just in case I could manage to orchestrate a photo session on the beach. I think these dresses are prefectly beachy colors--Sky and Natural.

The hour we took photos of them on Big Beach at sunset was probably the highlight of my trip! David had scoped out Big Beach earlier in the week and took us there but we didn't have our camera. I was hoping to get back and take pictures of the girls and finally the last night of our trip we made it back just in time--five pm. I got some eyerolling about the idea of putting Audrey and Scarlett in these dresses but it was so worth it! I can't imagine anything more perfect than these airy dresses with sand and surf and sundown!

These are pictures that capture all the emotions of beautiful daughters, carefree childhood and a mother's and labors of love. I love them! So lucky to have a husband who is wonderfully talented with the camera to capture this for me.

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