Monday, January 20, 2014

Sewing: Bateau Neck PJs with Kangaroo Pocket (Pocket Tutorial)

Audrey and I picked out some fleece before the holidays to make pajamas for her. My girls would rather be in PJs than anything, and who can blame them? 

This December project turned into a January project but they were so quick to sew I wondered why I didn't squeeze them in earlier. (Probably due to the other things I did squeeze in...) I am teaching Audrey to sew a bit. She helped cut and pin the pants. If I hadn't been in a hurry I would have let her sew them too--she made some with me for her Father a few months ago.

I used my Bateau Neck Top pattern for the top. It's cut loose and the bateau neck is perfect for slipping over the head. Perfect for PJs really. I added a kangaroo pocket to make them extra cozy. It's nice to have a place to tuck in those little hands. I used the Prairie Rose Set Pattern for the pants (I lengthen the pants the height of the ruffle minus 1" and cut them out without the side seam for faster sewing). 

I love that pocket. I have plans to use it again for Audrey.

She seems pleased with the results. Except that we sewed two pairs for her and she can't decide which she likes best. I love this graphic, colorful print we bought at Joan. Audrey also spied another, which she just mooned over: puppies in Santa hats! Cute in a pretty awful way. It was one of those things I just couldn't deny her because she was so excited about it, even though it runs contrary to my aesthetic. Some things are like that. At least she didn't want a Sunday dress out of it!

I've created a pattern for the kangaroo pocket in sizes 18 months to 10, which you can add to The Bateau Neck Top and Bateau Neck Dress patterns (both available in my Wee Muses Etsy shop). I can't wait to try it on the dress! A tutorial for sewing it follows. Please click through to see the details.


You will need:
  • An extra bit of fabric (size 8 measures 12"x7" for instance), which you could get from the yardage suggested for The Bateau Neck Top and Bateau Neck Dress.
  • My Kangaroo Pocket pattern, which you can download here.
To make:

Print out the pattern pieces on letter or A4 sized paper at 100% (no scaling). It's in two pieces, which you will need to tape together matching the lines and the "A" triangles" at the bottom. Trace or cut out the size you are sewing.

Cut out one of the Kangaroo Pocket on the fold of your fabric.

You will turn under all the edges of the pocket .5" and stitch to finish. (Fleece is so nice and stable that it doesn't get wonky or curl and no other finishing is needed, but if you are using a lighter weight knit you may need to employ a stabilizing technique such as using a lot of spray starch on your fabric before sewing, using a walking foot, and or placing a piece of tissue paper under your fabric and sewing through it.)

To make nice corners I suggest mitering them by folding in the corner first (shown above) and then the two sides (shown below).

Continue all the way around the pocket pinning generously along the curves.

Then stitch close to the raw edge of the fabric so the stitching is just shy of a .5" seam allowance.

Before attaching this pocket to the front of The Bateau Neck Top you can add a second row of stitch along the curves of the pocket between the initial stitched and the folded edge. This will give you a double row of stitching all the way around the pocket when it is sewn on.

Pin the Kangaroo Pocket to the front of The Bateau Neck Top. You'll want the bottom edge of the pocket above the 1" hem stitching on the Bateau Neck Top when it is finished -- so a bit higher than 2" from the hem. On the larger sizes the hip pocket placement lines are a good guide for placing the bottom of the curved pocket opening. Your placement will be a little higher than this on the smaller sizes to stay above the hem stitching on the top.

Stitch the pocket in place along the top, bottom and sides leaving the curves open. Stitch parallel to the original stitching on the pocket and between it and the folded edge of the pocket.

That's it! Kangaroo Pockets for everyone!


Framma said...

Audrey looks so cute in her pj's. I love the colorful fabric. Can't wait to try this new pattern addition. Thanks for the update!

opportunityknits said...

The cutest pjs and the sweetest model! Thanks for sharing how to sew the pockets!

Anonymous said...

El primero me encanta, los colores lo cómodo y calentito que se ve y el segundo también esta muy bien, respecto al estampado, todo sirve para pijamas. Realmente este modelo se puede hacer con otras telas para salir a la calle. Un beso-Ani-Sevilla.

dana said...

haha. I love this! And I almost bought that same I wish I would have. Adorable! And can she be any cuter as a model? So fun.

O. said...

These are so cool. Love the fabric.

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