Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sewing: Stripey Bateau Neck Top for Spain

I wanted to sew a new wardrobe for our trip to Spain (yes! I went to Spain!), but all I had time for was this one shirt. Kind of like those bad t-shirts about "...went to Spain...and all I got was this t-shirt." Given the way the weeks leading up to the trip went, I was pretty thrilled to have finished at least one thing actually. Maybe I'll make the other tops and skirts for this summer. And maybe not... I'm learning... We'll have to see which priority rises to the top.

I will have to share some of the highlights of this trip without kids later. Wish I had beautiful pictures of my girls in front of the fields of poppies and this beautiful Costa Brava coast. But they weren't there. So you've got me. In my striped shirt. The picture thing is pretty funny vacationing as two. There's one with me, and then him, and then occassionally the two of us thanks to some fellow tourist. I'm sure you can relate. I prefer to take pictures of our girls.

But I do like the way this shirt turned out. It's the grown up version of The Bateau Neck Top I've been working on. Not too wide at the neck (I don't like things peeking out) and a bit of a curve at the waist but basically the same mid-hip, 3/4-length sleeve idea.

Right at home on the coast. Comfortable too. I found the sweatshirt-weight knit fabric in this Etsy shop. It's a really soft cotton with a great stretch and the perfect weight for those in-between days.

Now I'm trying to adjust to real life again. Makes me think I need a vacation!


GrayColors said...

This is really cute! Ive been thinking of making myself something with that neckline. Im glad you and your husband were able to get time together!! Its hard to do with 2... I cant imagine with 3.

Emily said...

Love the top! Wish we could go back to Spain!

Mereknits said...

You look wonderful,is it the shirt or the trip to Spain with you husband, or both?
Hugs to you,

Seaweed and Raine said...

It looks fabulous on you. Well done A! You make the coast of Spain look so enticing (I totally understand your preference for photographing the girls though... I'm a bit that way with my 3 boys). One day I'll get to travel... :)

Anita said...

Jealous! I'm curious to know if the children's shops all have beautiful clothes - traditional, spectacular. I see them online all the time from Spain. Enjoy your time. I'd be missing my kids terribly, too. It seems like you can't wait for a break and as soon as you have one you can't wait to get back to your little ones. ;-). Your top is super cute, I need to tackle knits!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lucky u! I want to go to Spain! love the shirt, it's very Spain-esque! :) btw, I'm having a Threads Magazine giveaway on my new sewing blog if you'd like to take a look at it and enter.


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