Saturday, May 18, 2013

Party: Arcade Birthday Favor Bags (Printables)

We celebrated Audrey's birthday this year by inviting a handful of her friends to a "fun center." It had batting cages, bumper boats, mini golf, go-karts and an indoor arcade. Not a lot of room for my own creative overlay, but then it wasn't my party, so... It turned out to be OK--I've learned May is a really busy month to celebrate a birthday so I was actually feeling grateful to have a shorter list of things to do. But I wanted to do a couple creative things so I designed the invitation and the favor bags with a retro arcade theme in mind. 

I happened to have these cotton muslin bags left over from Audrey's birthday party last year and decided add a "Game Bag" graphic with heat transfer paper. Just a simple thing but it was really fun to do and gave it the personalized touch I was looking for.

I used Avery t-shirt transfer paper (finding an inkjet printer was a bit tricky) and followed the directions. It worked without a hitch. Since I have a bunch of paper leftover I'm thinking I better do some summer t-shirts with this stuff!

Who knows if the party goers noticed the bag, but they did like the contents--a couple old fashioned twos, a big lollipop and some of my favorite candies (in the appropriate colors and loud graphics), Zotz.

If you would like to make some Game Bags, I've got a PDF file with the printable (it's a mirror image) here for you to download. (You'll need to get some transfer paper and follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.)


GrayColors said...

Now i will have to find zotz and try them out. The packaging reminds me of warheads

Management consultancy services said...

It is a cost effective bag idea. I would need just few cotton materials to design them.

Delia said...

I am loving how this party is shaping up. Cute invites and goodie bags. Love it all!

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