Sunday, July 5, 2009

Room Design: Flowers for the 5th of July

I went to visit my darling neighbor, JoAnn, this morning because I learned they lost their garbage cans, and nearly their garage, thanks to some misplaced smoldering fireworks after last night's festivities. She was calm despite the near-crisis. We swapped leftovers from the BBQ (I traded some of my Shrimp Mango salad for her cupcakes--fair deal for sure) and then she took me in her garage and loaded my arms with fresh flowers.
So for the 5th of July I came home and created this arrangement of Lilies, pale yellow Roses and deep pink Peonies in a large crystal vase, which was my mother's. My father brought the vase when he came over to celebrate the 4th. When I open my front door now I can smell the lillies and I love seeing the vase filled--looks as beautiful as my mother.

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