Monday, July 27, 2009

Painting: Back to It!

I have only painted once since Scarlett was born--that was to finish up a Christmas gift--and I have been dying to get back to it. Sewing has provided such a great creative outlet but I really want to keep up the painting and have a few portraits I have been asked to do so I really need to get back into the rhythm. So today I did it! I typically work a half day Mondays but I took some vacation and went to the painting studio instead.

Last time I painted I had started a little painting of my old dog, currently my in-law's dog, Zoe, resting in the shade of a big Carob tree in their backyard in Phoenix. So I worked on that today. Some sort of composition involving this tree has been on my list for a long time. It was pretty difficult getting warmed up. I felt like I couldn't remember how to do it. At one point I thought the painting was a complete disaster. That would have been ok really. I chose the subject because I've never painted anything like it--so much green foliage. That has been my M.O. with painting: I have wanted to try new things. Landscapes aren't my typical subject. I did figures in the landscape. I want to try flowers next. I figure it's all about learning and practice.

But thankfully by the end of the class time I felt like this painting has some potential. This is a little detail--a piece that I like. I'm now excited to finish it and move on to something else (hollyhocks I think). I just need to figure out how to get back to the studio again.

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Unknown said...

I loved you painting of Hollyhocks..It inspired my painting of Hollyhocks Thank you

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