Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sewing: Returning Borrowed Sewing Patterns

I need to put together a package of old sewing patterns to return to my aunt. She asked about them as she is gearing up to sew for a bunch of new grandbabies. My mother got them from her and brought the old patterns to me when I was getting excited about sewing for my little girl, Audrey. I love the idea of making something for Audrey or Scarlett from the same pattern my mother used for me. There are some real classics--a-line shifts, wrap around apron tops, dresses with peter pan collars, ruffle necked blouses... So I'm sending my aunt the ones with her name on it. Even though my mother wrote "you keep" to my aunt on many of the patterns I recognize I've decided to keep them myself. I just love seeing my mother's writing on them! I'm sharing them with my sister--how fun that a generation later two sisters are again sharing patterns as they sew for their daughters.

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