Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sewing: Felt Birthday Crown for Gavin

Since first making them for Audrey and Kate, I have had a lot of fun with these Felt Birthday Crowns from Juicy Bits. I made one for my niece, Grace, and one for my nephew, Holden, and so now here is one for Gavin. This is it for Audrey's and Scarlett's cousins as the rest of them are a bit old to enjoy the crowns. Maybe I'll make them for friends some time though because I have the process down and I think it's really fun. (I rely heavily on spray fixative!)
I have kept the construction more simple that the original tutorial because it seems I'm always squeezing them in. For instance, I skipped the interfacing and didn't use as many appliques, and no buttons for the boys'. They are still pretty cute however.

I love the use of primary colored felt. I think these have a comic book hero feel to them.
Gavin loved wearing his--but probably not as much as he loved tearing into his presents.

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