Monday, May 11, 2009

Sewing: Felt Birthday Crowns for Audrey and Kate

I first saw these little felt crown's on my friend Amy's blog, Our Scoop, and so went to Juicy Bits to get the tutorial. I had no time to make them for Audrey's and Kate's birthday, but did it anyway and finished right before everyone arrived.

Because this was a bit of a last minute project I got the felt at a local fabric store and wasn't thrilled with the selection of wool felt. I ended up with some poly and not the perfect colors. But I am really happy with the substitution of some Heather Bailey Pop Garden fabric. The perfect tie in for their birthday dresses!
As I was so short on time I skipped the fabric cover for the elastic. Not as cute, but it still works.

Audrey's cousin, Kate, loves all things princess so she really had fun with hers.

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