Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sewing: Portabello Pixie Pop Garden Dresses for Audrey's Birthday

My sister, Christy, and I decided to do a shared birthday party this year (like last year, and the year before that) for our daughters, Kate and Audrey. (They were born on the same day, two hours apart and two rooms apart in the same hospital! And no, it wasn't planned. Evidently it was interesting enough, and without much else going on, qualified as a news story that evening.) Which, of course, meant matching dresses!! And not just for the birthday girls, but for their sisters as well. (We stopped matching mommy outfits--my mental jury is still out of that one...)

They started with Heather Bailey's gorgeous Pop Garden fabric. Perfect for energetic three year olds! Also a bit similar to the colors in Audrey's room, but that's just a coincidence...

We used Sandi Henderson's Claire pattern for all the dresses. This is Audrey's: View A, the Apron Dress. I LOVE it! Audrey's grandmother dressed her in it for the first time, for church last Sunday morning, and when I saw her I just gasped! She looked so darling in it. The dress is even better "on."

I love the details in the pattern: the contrast seam binding and applique on the apron, and the cute petal apron ties.

For little Scarlett I did the apron dress sans apron. I wanted it a bit simpler for her as it's a crawling dress. Which is precisely why she has ruffle pants to wear underneath. Her little ruffle pants may be my favorite in the bunch--I love the fabric. Had to alter the pattern with a big insert in the rise however to accommodate the diaper a bit better.

My sister, Christy, sewed her girls' peasant dresses (View B of Claire).

Can't wait to see these on the girls!


Kelly said...

I found this post via flickr via Heather Bailey's site. Oh my goodness. I think I would have died and gone to heaven had I had this dress as a little girl. Absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was wondering if there is any way you can tell us how to get this doesn't look like sandi henderson offers it anymore.

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