Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sewing: Sunny Back-to-School Bateau Neck Tunic and Dress

Well, it's that time of year. I love back-to-school! And I love the idea of some new clothes to wear back to the classroom.

Truth be told, my plans for summer sewing were too big. I had more planned than they could wear or I could photograph. (Kind of nice for a change, actually.) So some of it is now officially part of their back-to-school wardrobe.

Take this set for Tess: I love the sunny orange and yellow polka dot jerseys (both from Euro Girls Boutique) combined with the Heather Ross Briar Rose Cotton Jersey. I used my Bateau Neck Top pattern and lengthen the top to tunic length. I took the short sleeves from the dress pattern extension and added side vents (also included in the pattern extension).

I added the yellow embellishments to Tess's tunic by creating a stack of three roughly cut circles with the largest size on the bottom and the smallest on the top. Then I stitched an "x" on top of them to attach them to the tunic. Cute I think! And so easy.

Scarlett got another dress. Because that's what she likes best. I made a sleeveless version of The Bateau Neck Elastic Waist Dress (Bateau Neck Top pattern + extension)

I was inspired by Dana's sleeveless version of the Bateau Neck Top with bow. It makes a happy back-to-school outfit. I love the pink and yellow striped jersey from funkaliciousfabrics on Etsy.

I think we're all set to go. Audrey too, pictured here in one of her summer outfits--a striped middy blouse. It should double just fine for back to school.

Here we go! I hope your transition is going well.


Anonymous said...

Pero que ropa mas chula y echa por mamá, lo que deben presumir estas niñas!! El día 10 empieza la vuelta al cole en España, que pena que acabaron las vacaciones!!Un besito desde Sevilla, Ani.

Crafted by Carly said...

Great outfits! What gorgeous, bright fabrics you've used!

Anonymous said...

CUTE-AS-CAN-BE bright colored outfits sewn for your 3 girls! LOVE the unique styles. FUN FUN FUN to wear & I'm sure you received many compliments whenever they wear them. THANKS for sharing. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

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