Monday, August 11, 2014

Sewing: Striped Middy Blouse for the Beach

Inevitably I come up with something I need to sew the day before leaving on a vacation. This time it was a knit middy blouse. I love this sailor style blouse for boys and girls and the style suits Audrey and a beach vacation. It was compulsory.

I based this design on some modifications I made to a vintage middy blouse pattern I sewed for Audrey years ago. I changed the split front a bit so it's not so low, added side vents, lengthened the collar in back and of course, designed it for a knit fabric.

The striped fabric was purchased at Jo-Ann this summer during my hunt to fill some gaps in my stash for summer outfits. I purchased the shorts fabric there too, in the shirting section. The shorts are the flat front version of Dana's Kid Short's pattern. I've put that to good use this summer!

It works! I may have to play with this some more.

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