Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sewing: Pop Garden Dress Revise

Our Spring weather has been typically unpredictable but it was suddenly on track to be 80-degrees Sunday, so it seemed appropriate to break out some sunny dresses for the girls to wear. However, I'm not really ahead of their summer wardrobes, so I pulled out the Pop Garden/Portabello Pixie dresses I made for them to wear to Audrey's birthday party last year thinking they might still fit. They fit differently, but they fit well enough! Shorter than last year but it's kind of cute to see a bit more leg on these little girls. I love this fabric! It is so happy!

I thought Scarlett's dress was a bit too full on her last year. I had improvised with the pattern, making the round apron dress but without the apron and ties, as I didn't want it to be too similar to Audrey's dress. So last night I decided to quickly add a waist tie. Luckily I found some Pop Garden scraps that would work. I think it's super darling with a waist and flouncy skirt!

Too bad the ruffle pants don't still fit, but now it's an even cuter set for the next baby girl to wear!

You can view the original dressses here.


Kara said...

Just reading your blog makes me so excited to sew little girl dresses for my new niece. These patterns are all so fun.

Shannon Brennan said...

I love this dress! What pattern did you use?

Anneliese said...

@Shannon: It's Sandi Henderson's "Claire" pattern. More info is here:

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