Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sewing: Audrey's "Fair Day" Birthday Dress

Last night I finished the dress for Audrey to wear to her birthday party. This "Dolce" fabric from Tanya Whelan inspired the palette for the whole shindig. I love pink and orange together!

My sister and I are planning a joint birthday party again for Kate and Audrey (our cousin twins) and decided on pony rides as the central attraction. We have made a tradition of making dresses so I started poking around online looking at my favorite fabric and pattern designers. My sister, Christine, found the gorgeous Dolce line (new to me).
So here is the dress. It's the Portabello Pixie Claire pattern (actually, the same pattern, but different view from last year's birthday dresses).

Luckily I had Audrey try on the bodice last night before attaching the skirt, and I found it was too small. So I let it out a bit and went ahead. I'm hoping it fits her more comfortably now, especially since I'm having her wear a blouse underneath.

I chose to use one of the large orange poppies for the apron applique.

I love the trumpet vine floral pattern. Seems very country to me, though it looks sophisticated too.

I love the whole thing! I hope Audrey has fun wearing it. (I did find darling pink cowboy boots on eBay to go with this dress.) Didn't make a dress for Scarlett to wear--I have a different plan for her for the party that I need to get working on!


Unknown said...

That's so cute! My Audrey would love this! She's 4. :)

Unknown said...

LOVE this!! Yes, there is a bird fabric that goes with this line - a different one for each color palette. You did a great job - I just love Sandi's patterns. The flower detail on the apron is adorable!!

Thanks for stopping by The Cottage Home - so happy to meet you!

Have a great night,

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