Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Invites: "Fair Day" Birthday Invitations

I have had so much fun planning the birthday party for Audrey and her cousin, Kate, with my sister, Christine! It all started with the idea of pony rides. Christine did it for her older daughter a few years ago and it was so much fun. The kids love it. So we were thinking kind of a western theme and started looking for dress fabric (we love to make matching dresses for their birthdays). We decided on the very cute Tanya Whelan Dolce for Free Spirit in the orange/white/blue/pink colorway and I was thinking I wanted the party to feel more "county fair" than "cowgirl."
So here we are! I have all sorts of things in the works, but finished these birthday invitations last night and they make me smile.

I am such a design hack. I wish I could learn layout in Photoshop or Illustrator (it's on my list for this year, I've been checking out online classes) but since I haven't yet I fell back to the program I design in best: PowerPoint! Works pretty well actually.
I was thinking of punching out the paper flowers from cute scrapbooking paper but found a bottle of them ready to go "Iced Got Flowers?" at Michael's. That saved some time.
I included a raffle ticket for every child to bring to the party and drop into a box for a prize drawing. Not sure what the prize will be but we'll find something fun! I can't wait. But I do have quite a list of things to still finish so a bit of time is good.

UPDATE:  I had a request for the template for these invitations and the related thank you labels. You can find a PowerPoint template here ready for customization and printing: Fair Day Birthday Invite Template_AestheticNest


Annie said...

I love this.... Beautiful party! I am doing the County fair as well and love, love the idea for thank you bags. Can you please tell me where did you find the image for the ticket? I have to do those wonderful thank you bags! :)

Anneliese said...

Annie, I created the image in PowerPoint and then captured it in Paint and then imported it back to PPT and stretched it a bit...kind of crazy and definitely an improvisation because I couldn't find the right shape anywhere. I'm happy to share the PPT file with you, which you could alter with your own text and then stretch. Let me know if you're interested. I could add it to this post for you to download.

Anneliese said...

Annie, I've added a link in this post to the template for the Fair Day invites and thank you labels. Hope it helps! Good luck with your party.

Shira Palombo said...

Anneliese I am trying to modify the invite to change the name date etc in powerpoint but I can't am I missing something? I downloaded the link and opened it but it's just a slide show it doesn't let me modify it. Of course I'm not that computer smart either :)

Anneliese said...

Hi Shira, your email wasn't available with your comment so I hope you are checking back! Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the template. I know it is possible to download the file in a few formats from Scribd--please double check to make certain the file you have is a .pptx (PowerPoint) file, and not a pdf or jpg, which you wouldn't be able to modify. In the pptx the template slides are slides 4 and 5 (slide 3 is an image that isn't editable). Hoping it's a simple file format issue you are having! Let me know if this helps. Thanks.

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