Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crochet: Abbie's Cap for Scarlett

Blame it on the weather! I know it doesn't seem I should be making a hat for Spring, but it doesn't look much like Spring around here today--it's been snowing all day! Crazy. So I decided to pull out this pattern I bought about two years ago and get some yarn out of the stash and go for it.

So here it is: a little cap for Scarlett. She seems very excited about it! Maybe because she sees hats on her father and sister and wants to emulate them.

This "Abbie's Cap" pattern is designed and sold at a local quilt fabric and yarn store, Piper's Quilts and Comforts. It calls for sportweight yarn and I used worsted weight--Lion Cotton, because I had it. I think it's a darling design--would like to make it in other sizes, including adult--but I had a bit of trouble with the pattern. Sort of hacked my way through. I need to make some notes/adjustments and try it again. One thing that's nice about crochet is it's easier to "fake." I like what my friend, Sue, says about it: Just be consistent. It's true! Whether you are doing the right stitch or not, if you just keep it up the pattern looks successful.

In any event, Scarlett now has a cute little cap to keep her warm during this strange Spring weather. She's wearing it again now--pretty cute.

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