Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lists: Nesting List for Another Baby Girl!

We found out on April 30th that the baby we are expecting is another girl! Better yet, she looks really healthy. I was so happy--first that she is healthy, but also about the idea of sisters. It just seemed like this baby should be a girl.

And then the wheels started turning! There were so many things I wanted to do for Audrey, which I didn't have time to do, and can perhaps do for this little girl. I have a big long list of things to do to welcome her, and to get things in order in general as that is how the nesting things goes for me.

Within a couple days of learned we're having a girl I had the nursery fabric purchased! I foudn this darling crewel-embroidered fabric in a sturated acqua, green, yellow, and pink. Then I found an acqua/green/pink sort of paisely--a feminized version of a typically male pattern--that looks great with the crewel embroidered fabric, and a gorgeous multi-pink braid to use on the crib bumper and chair. I decided I want to paint this little girls room the same color as Audrey's (Pratt & Lambert's "Clear Acqua"). So I am ready to start sewing, but first i have to make Audrey's "big girl" bedding--I'm going to use the same gold floral I used for her crib.
So here are the lists. A little long now that I look at it all so who knows how much I'll accomplish, but it's worth a shot!
The Nesting List (Knit, Crochet, and Sewing)
  • Dusty purple ribbed cardigans (Audrey & Baby) (DONE)
  • Dusty purple booties (Baby) (DONE)
  • Cream corduroy yoked dresses to match purple sweaters (Audrey and Baby) (DONE)
  • Moda Dea Crochet Baby layette in apricot colored yarn (DONE)
  • Easy Crochet Lace/shell sweater, hat, booties in off-white (DONE)
  • Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino white matinee jacket (Audrey & Baby) (DONE for baby)

  • White seed stitch booties in two sizes (DONE)
  • Red Zipper cardigan, hooded (Audrey) (DONE)
  • Purple crochet poncho (Audrey) (DONE)
  • Pink Lace yoked cardigan (Audrey) (DONE)
  • Pink lace/popcorn yoked cardigan (baby) (DONE)
  • Button Cable placket cotton sweater (Audrey)
  • Pink Sunday jacket w/ seed stitch (Baby)
  • Lacy Bonnet in pink (Baby) (DONE--in off-white)
  • Debbie Bliss Simply Baby smock coat (Audrey)
  • Easy Baby Knits double breasted jacket (Audrey)
  • Cream knit dress (Baby)
  • Audrey kitchen accessories (apron, tablecloth, napkins, dishcloth) (DONE)
  • Waldorf doll and doll clothes for Audrey (DONE)
  • Pink jumpers to go with cardigans (Audrey and Baby) (DONE)
  • Clear out sewing room for baby room (DONE)
  • Baby's crib bedding (DONE)
  • Baseboards in baby room (DONE)
  • Rocker chair for baby room (DONE)
  • Side table for baby room (DONE)
  • New face plates for baby room (DONE)
  • Paint baby room (DONE)
  • Light for baby room
  • Organize Audrey's baby clothes for new baby (DONE)
  • New closet (DONE)
Audrey's Big Girl Room:
  • Audrey's "big girl" bedding (DONE)
  • Bedside table for Audrey's room (DONE)
  • Paint Audrey's headboard (DONE)
  • New closet (DONE)
  • Fix Audrey's wall (patch and paint) (DONE)
  • Audrey's baby book
  • Audrey's first year book of photos
  • Audrey's second year photo book

Christmas (I feel I should get a jump on it):

  • A painting for my in-laws (DONE)
  • Nativity costumes?
  • Something knit or crochet for my sister/gift exchange (DONE)
  • Something hand made for all my sisters (DONE)

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