Monday, April 2, 2012

HOH in Crochet: Skinny Scarf (Pattern)

Some of you have asked about the pattern featured in my Head-Over-Heels in Crochet button and banner. Well, this is it! It's the Skinny Scarf I've shared previously in lipstick red and a multi-color grey and off-white.

And now here it is in fuchsia, but more importantly, with a pattern ready! I've been working on this for some time in between everything else and now here we are in April. But it's still scarf weather off-and-on where I am. And, it just occurred to me how great this would be in a cotton yarn (and maybe a bit shorter) for Spring! I'll have to try it...

I like to wear it looped  a couple times and then loosely tied so the ends hang long. It's a bit funny to me, all my scarf-wearing, because my mother used to encourage me to wear scarves as accessories all the time when I was in college and first working, and I just was not interested. She could pull it off and I just didn't feel it was for me. This Winter my husband said something to me about my "uniform" always including something around my neck. I guess I finally got there and Mom was right--scarves can make the outfit.

Another fun way to wear this is to keep looping until you have a nice chunky pile and then tuck an end under. Nice bulky knot at the neck. This is super cozy. Works a bit like a cowl.

And, this Skinny Scarf is great for children. It can just be looped and looped and looped until the ends aren't too long. But the pattern also includes a shorter version if your children don't enjoy all the layering. Great way to keep them warm.

And cute too, I think.  Seems it doesn't matter what I make, it looks even better on my little ones!

You can find the pattern here, in my Etsy shop. It includes detailed instructions and a photo tutorial. It's not as difficult as it looks. It's the perfect thing if you've just mastered double crochet! You just need a bit of patience to learn the "Picot Shell" edging. (If you haven't heard of this stitch that's because I came up with it to make this scarf go more quickly--anything for a shortcut!)

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Meredith said...

I'd say they look fabulous on both of you.

@jenhalloran said...

Of course you made up your own stitch. Brilliant! Looks lovely on both of you.

Unknown said...

Very nice - love the simplicity of it!
I'm really enjoying your whole series on crocheting. We have several crochet projects listed on our blog. Come and check them out:

Wild Maple Wool said...

Okay are you the most talented mama out there in the blog world??

I just found your blog and I am totally in lovelovelovelovelovelovel with it!!!

You have sooo much to offer, thanks for taking the time to blog!

Samantha (Woodland Woolens)

Nancy said...

Anneliese you are just the BEST! I can't wait to try this~ I am currently sewing & cutting the Heirloom Chenille Baby Blanket for my New Granddaughter~

Huggs, Nancy

~ Darlene said...

Wow this scarf is beautiful...can't wait to try making it!

I posted some of my crochet items on my blog...come check them out and follow me as I continue to add more projects that I am creating.


Amy @ OurScoop said...

Cute!!! Loving the hair!!! The bangs, the color, the highlights and layers! You look great!!

I also love the simple gingham skirts! You've inspired me, I must make some!

Hope you are doing well!
p.s. scottsdale was SO fun!! And I LOVE my LaGrande Orange cup!!!! Who knew!?!

Anonymous said...

I have made five of the scarves since I bought the pattern several weeks ago. They are addictive!!!
Two I made out of Sugar & Cream cotton and they are lovely. Two out of a light wool blend and they are soft and look like lace and the last one is a finer cotton in pale pale pink!!! I'm out of control!!!!

Anneliese said...

@Anonymous: I'm so glad you like it! They pattern is addictive--so many possible combinations. I need to try one in cotton!

pldrake said...

How about adding a straight-forward pattern to print without all the photos? That is what I need to make this pattern without having to use my computer at the same time.

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