Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Crochet 6: The Double Crochet

Yarn: Stitch Nation's Full O' Sheep in Clementine  Fabric: IKEA

The “fabric” created with single crochet is beautiful in itself, and versatile if you think about washcloths, sweaters, blankets, satchels, and scarves. I love the density and texture it creates. But as you move on to the other stitches things really start to get interesting, especially because you can combine them!

As I have mentioned in my previous "How to Crochet" posts, the really nice thing about crochet is that the stitches build on each other. If you’ve learned the motion of a chain stitch it’s just a matter of the number of times you yarn-over and pull the yarn through to create the other crochet stitches. So if you’ve been practicing your chains and single crochets you’ll be amazed at what you can do next.

Click to view the photo and video tutorial for creating the double crochet stitch.

Double crochet seems to me to be the most prevalent stitch in the patterns I pick. I guess it makes sense for apparel, which is most of what I’m crocheting. Double crochet gets the credit for the popular shell stitch (how-to tutorial coming) and many of the other crochet stitch patterns. It’s pretty all on its own too--for instance in this Crochet Cardi.

A double crochet stitch (abbreviated dc) starts off differently from a single crochet in that before you insert your hook you yarn over. This creates two loops immediately: the working loop you started with and then the yarn over.

To work a double crochet stitch into the foundation chain start with these two loops (the working loop and the initial yarn over) on your hook, skip the first THREE chains from the hook (these will count as the first double crochet stitch in most patterns) and insert your hook into the FOURTH chain from the hook...

 ...yarn over...

...and pull the yarn through the stitch.

You should have three loops on your hook. Yarn over again...

...and pull the yarn through the first two loops (meaning the two that are closest to the “crook” of your crochet hook). 

You will now have two loops on your hook. Yarn over again and pull the yarn through the remaining two loops.

You’ve just completed a double crochet! Isn't it fun?! This photo below shows the first three chain stitches skipped, which count as the first double crochet, and then the first worked double crochet.

Here is a video of the double crochet:

Repeat the double crochet stitches along the foundation chain being sure to work into the very last chain (the one right next to the initial slip knot).

To continue working rows of double crochet, chain three to form a turning chain...

The turning chain will count as the first stitch on this second row of double crochet.

You will work a double crochet into the top of the next double crochet stitch from the first row (yarn over, insert your hook under the top two loops of the stitch, yarn over, pull it through leaving three loops on the hook, yarn over, pull it through the first two loops on the hook leaving two loops on the hook, yarn over and pull it through the last two loops on the hook):

Repeat down the row working one double crochet in the top of each double crochet stitch from the first row. When you come to the end of the row be sure to work into the very last stitch, which is the turning chain from row one--it looks different because it was chained--you'll work into the chain at the top of this chain-three.

And that should equip you for working in double crochet! Oh, I wonder what you'll make...

You could try this Spring Frills Scarf...

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Sparkle and Co said...

It's been a long time I haven't crochet... I'll come back here to see what I forgot ;)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I just made a second one of your cowls and put it up on my pinterest, along with a slouchy hat. They got re-pined and liked, which shocked (and thrilled) me to no end! Can you explain gauge and how to properly achieve it?

Bari Jo said...

Wonderful tutorials you are posting!!! Your explanations are perfect and easy to understand and I really appreciate the videos! These are going to help so much! I've been nervous about helping family learn to crochet and this series of yours is excellent! So helpful and wonderfully done! Thank you for all you are sharing! :o)

Annelies said...

Oh I could not think of a better teacher...thank you SOOO much for your tutorials. I am enjoying each and every one. XXX

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