Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crochet: Skinny Scarf in Grey and Cream

Well, I'm still playing around with this scarf pattern. I'm playing with the gauge a bit. And wanted to try a two tone. I love these neutrals and can't help thinking about lots of fun colorful combinations: teal and orange, purple and chartreuse, mustard and red, bubblegum pink and fuchsia.

I don't think I'll have time to make them all!

This Skinny Scarf uses Lion Brand Wool Ease (Fisherman and Grey Heather). I like the texture and washability. Such a different texture than the red scarf. A little curly going on. Hmmm. 

I picked up some more yarn this afternoon to play some more.

And, speaking of "grey" I know "gray" is actually the correct spelling for this hue in the U.S. but I just have never liked it that way. It was unconscious for a long time and I have been corrected (proof readers or Microsoft) in the past. Now it seems both are acceptable. Funny how it seems to make a difference. Just one of those things...

And have you notice I seem to have developed tunnel vision? Need to finish this pattern so I can move on to the other things in my head. Including some more beautiful greys.


Unknown said...
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Sara @ Let's Talk About Me said...

I love this! I am just learning to crochet (I knit quite frequently) and am finding it to be so fun and theraputic. I love the color combinations you mentioned, especially the bubble gum pink and the fuscia. I love pink so I am a bit biased there hehe :)

Annelies said...

Grey ( gray) and soft yellow are really speaking to me lately. I am just learning to crochet and this looks like so much fun!!! XXX

Seaweed and Raine said...

I love bright colours in scarves (probably because a lot of winter coats here seem to be black!), but I have to say, the fisherman and grey is just so fresh and light - I LOVE it!!! Nice job A!

S xox

Unknown said...

I have been crocheting a lot too lately... I am making poncho's for the toddler and the dolly.

That is so funny just last week I noticed that it said grey somewhere(I can't remember where I saw it) And suddenly I thought... is it grey or gray?? Never that I stop to think about it and confusion had set in.
In Holland I was taught the "English" different than what we write and speak here.
I like Grey better too.
So now that I know that both is acceptable I am going to think more down the grey lines...
Thanks for clearing that up Annelies.

Hug for the weekend.
Love the grey scarf!

Poists said...

I really like the curliness on the outside. I think it would be beautiful in a very lightweight cotton or silk weight for the summer/spring.

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