Monday, October 10, 2011

Winner: Waverly Modern Essentials Fabric Giveaway

And, we have a winner! To pick a winner for the Waverly Modern Essentials Fabric Giveaway I used to pick a number between 1 and 277, the total of the comments on this post, and this service picked:

Comment #38!

I scrolled through all your comments and #38, in a rare coincidence, has a name very similar to mine! I promise there was no funny business here. It's legitimate: our lucky winner is Annelies (guessing she pronounces it "Ah-na-lise", while mine has an additional syllable, "Ah-na-li-sa").

So now Annelies has the fun task of picking a combination of ten yards of this gorgeous fabric. I see from her profile that she is a quilting teacher so I can only imagine what she'll come up with for it!

Congratulations, Annelies! Thank you, Waverly.

I wish there could be more winners! I just learned about another great giveaway, so if you like this type of randomness, look for something towards the end of the month.


1 comment:

Annelies said...

Oh my...oh my!!!!! I could not be more excited. Both to win, and even more to know it is from your blog whichnis a favorite of mine. I have sent you an email. Thanks again and again!!!!

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