Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sewing: Easter Dresses Payoff

Today the girls finally wore their Easter dresses, and the work paid off. I never really know if I'm going to be disappointed or pleased with the wearing of the project--Audrey won't try anything on for sport so the fit is a gamble, and of course I'm not organized enough to have measurements. That would be a good idea some time.

I was starting to doubt my picks with these outfits but when I dressed the girls I thought, "oh yeah!" Audrey's jacket fits absolutely perfectly. I love the little peter pan color with her haircut, and I love the purple buttons (who knew?), and I love the box pleats in the back especially. Her lavendar dress is sort of an afterthought as it doesn't really show, but it's a cute, simple dress on it's own.

Scarlett's dress is a real party dress. She was twirling around in it. I love the way it hangs, sort of bell shaped. The armholes are just right, not too big. The bow is still my favorite detail. Turns out that I love her in this bold stripe pattern. I don't think it's too overwhelming at all.

I'm not sure Scarlett's jacket is the perfect fabric pick. While I like the color, it would do better in a slightly heavier fabric I think. But it still looks pretty cute.
Difficult to get these little ladies to pose for me, but I ended up with some pretty cute pictures afterall. I call these girls my wee muses. Everything is beautiful to me when they are the objects of the work.


Kara said...

Le gasp! Je adore! Your girls look like they should be strolling the streets of Paris. Their outfits are amazing. I love the combo of the style with the fabric. Your girls are tres chic (but knowing their mom, that is no surprise)!

Anneliese said...

@Kara: You are always so kind, and so eloquent!

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