Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sewing: Nightgowns and PJs for Christmas

Hope you all had a merry Christmas and are gearing up for a great new year! I've loved all the family time and celebrating traditions with cousins. It's so much fun to have our girls ask about our traditions--they are theirs now too. One of them has become a sewn gift from me to my girls. Scarlett asked if I would be sewing something for them again this year, "because it's a tradition." Well, yes!

You can see some of the things I sewed for them in past years here:  the Ultimate Cuddle (minky) blankets, Waldorf dolls, Waldorf doll wardrobes.  This year I was inspired by Katy's Night Before Nightgown, designed for The Sew What Club. I thought my two youngest girls would love a feminine nightgown. I decided to make them in silky fabrics to up the femininity. I also used satin ribbon for the front panel trim and sleeve casings. (I loved the contrast casings Kelly sewed.) 

Now my first born is not such a fan of silky, girly things, so for her I had to come up with something else handmade. We had just seen the new Star Wars movie and I ran into this incredible fluffy fleece Star Wars fabric at Jo-Ann and I knew some pjs would be the perfect thing. I made another version of these fleece pajamas with my Bateau Neck Top pattern

Some ewoks may have crept into these shots too. 

These are the new morning uniforms at our house. The force is strong here.


Diane Mars said...

So darn cute I am impressed I wish I had the talent of sewing how fun and your girls are beautiful..Happy New Year you lucky Mama~

Gillian said...

Fabulous. I've been following your blog for some yers now and am continually inspired by the gorgeous garments you make for your beautiful girls. Look forward to more marvellous inspiration in 2016! said...

A Star Wars pajama is incredible!! You are the best mom ever to make such a wonderful thing for your daughter! I remember that when I was young I would kill for pajama with Star Wars!:)

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