Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sewing: The Game Day Jersey Tester Roundup

I'm so grateful to my team of fabulous sewing testers! (If you are interested in testing a future sewing pattern send me an email with the subject line "pattern testing.") They ensured that The Game Day Jersey pattern is easy to read and use and helped me put on that final polish. Thank goodness for multiple sets of eyes! Testing a pattern in this way adds time to the schedule (I'm always so anxious to finish a pattern and get it out there!) and takes a bit of work to coordinate but it's so worth it.

And it was a lot of fun to see what they sewed. So many combinations. And lots of sewing Game Day Jersey Tees for boys! I need a lot of help in that department with my houseful of girls. Take a look!

I love the red, navy and white Game Day Jersey dress Crystal sewed for her daughter, especially with that great stripe down the side of the Sport Skirt! And the grey and red striped Tee is so perfect on her son. You can read her pattern review here.

Teri picked such pretty prints for this Game Day Jersey tee. And I love it paired with a fancier skirt and boots! So fun. After this she sewed another variation using my pattern and created an equally cute striped tunic. 

Dorothea used some great color-blocking on this Game Day jersey Tee. I love the addition of contrasting "cuffs." 

How cute is this color-blocked Game Day Jersey Tee from Chelsie? I love the blue on blue on blue! Such a cute boy too. 

Anna sewed a red and white Game Day Jersey tee for her adorable little guy. He looks so sporty and cute. And comfortable.

Robyn sewed a Game Day set for her girl and boy. The stretch lace sash and button tabs she added to the dress are so cute! And don't miss the stripes on the grey and black Tee (instructions are included in the pattern) and the fantastic Batman logo applique!

I love this sweet Disney floral knit Jennifer used for her daughter's Game Day jersey dress. The contrasting pink yoke and stripe on the skirt are perfect. (She told me her daughter didn't want to take it off--I love hearing that!)

I love this sister set in zebra stripes and solids. As you've likely seen, I'm often making coordinating sets for my girls. I love that one has a dress and the other a tee. Heather wrote up such a nice review of the pattern here.

It was so fun to see that Silvia, in Italy, picked a similar combination for this Game Day Jersey Dress. I love the cross-continent serendipity! She used the zebra print on the neck band too, which is a fun variation.

Another international friend, Elsa, sewed a Game Day Jersey dress in this beautiful combination of cranberry and a deer print. It looks perfect for the holidays. You can see more of this cute dress in her review post here.

I love simplicity of the dress Audrey sewed! Winter white is so stunning. And it's perfect with the Birch Organic "Flight" knit. Doesn't it look feminine? And such a fun contrast to the Game Day Jersey Tee on her boy. I think the stripes on his long sleeves are so great! Check out some more fun photos in her pattern review, including some closeups of her beautiful top-stitching.

Another brother-sister set was sewn by my friend, Carolina. (I think she has tested every pattern I've designed in the last year!) She used some great fabric combinations! I love the mix of stripes and solid on her son's Game Day Jersey Tee. (See my faux layered sleeve tutorial for how to "fake" the layered sleeve look.) And who could resist that cute mushroom print on her daughter's dress?

Jamie did some incredible applique work on her son's short-sleeved Tee. Isn't it fantastic?

Nicole did some great boy sewing too. Such cool knit fabrics! And such different looks.

Stacey came up with such a cute combination of knits for her Game Day Jersey Dress! I love those bright colors, and especially the dots.

Leah sewed a darling long-sleeved tee for her daughter. I love seeing this on an older girl! It works!

Gaelle was another who sewed a brother-sister set.  Both with red and a different, fun print. I love those robots!

Kerrie made Game Day Jersey Tees for her boy and girl and switched up the color-blocking. I can't decide which is my favorite. I've tried both these variations myself. I think that's the best part of this pattern--so many combinations.

Miriam also sewed two Tees but her lucky girl gets to wear both of them. They each look so cute and unique, don't they? Different fabric choices yield such different results.

Mary sewed a great Game Day Jersey Tee for her boy. I love the simple black neckband on this charcoal grey tee. he seems to like it too.

And, finally, this cute little miss is wearing one of my favorite color combinations: pink, grey and white. Cathy did a great job with the contrasting neckband and stripe on the skirt.

So many cute ideas! Thank you so much!


Project Run & Play said...

What a great round up! Everyone's clothes are so cute. Thanks for letting us test too.

Robyn said...

Precious! I would love to know where Jennifer found the Disney knit fabric. My little girl would LOVE a game day dress in that knit fabric! I guess it is time to sew up some more. My sons is in constant rotation. He picks it out to wear every time he finds it in his drawer. Please count me in to test again. :)

Unknown said...

WOW, they are all game day ready!!!

Robyn's stretch lace is great!

I have always had some knits on hand, but I have a new found love of knits!!

Dotted Whale said...

Haha. Yeap! I tested all Wee Muses patterns. Happy to sew them.
My son loves his tee, it's one of his favorite ( I can't compite with Toothless). The dress is not my daughter's favorite but she wears it a lot. ;)

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