Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sewing: Dachsund Game Day Jersey Dress

This little girl loves knit dresses. And she especially loves the Soleil dress I made her in a yellow Dachsund print this past summer. She wore it several times a week! But it's a bit cool for wearing that, so I thought I should make her a long sleeved Dachsund. With tights it should work just fine indoors.

This time I used the green and navy version of this knit, which is equally cute. Especially with purple and white tennis shoes, according to Tess! And I used the dress version of my new Game Day Jersey Pattern.

I sewed the size 3 dress for my typically size 4 girl, because I wanted to try a more fitted look with this pattern. (You can compare this fit to the size 4 she is wearing in the original post on this pattern.) 

I love all the possible variations in this pattern. I wanted to maximize the Dachsund print so I used it for the yoke, bodice and skirt, with contrasting solid navy for the sleeves and neckband. Pretty fancy print matching on the yoke, if I do say so myself.

 I love this doggy version! And so does Tess. Hooray!


Dana Marie said...

This is so adorable! Everything- the dress, the pattern, and the model! You're motivating me to clear out my sewing desk in the basement today!

Grammy said...

Hello, I'm a quilter and I was watching your tutorial on chenilling the chevron material from November of 2011 post. I'm saw an example of chenilling in a local sewing center, and said, "I gotta try it!" So I'm just learning how to. Thanks for your tutorials! I love your little girl and her poses with her new dress! Thanks. Ruby Young aka "Blabbin' Grammy". I'm also a blogger and write fiction on mine. Bless you!

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