Thursday, January 8, 2015

Crochet: Triple Strand Earflap Hats for Sledding

With a just-in-time white Christmas my family and I had a great time enjoying Winter sports over our holiday break. Skiing with the cousins is becoming a tradition for my girls, which is so much fun. And so is sledding! 

Especially with the right gear! I made an armful of Triple Strand Earflap Hats in various colors and sizes to share with my extended family. I love the gree-and-green version I made (three different strands of green yarns) with big pom-poms embellishing the flaps.

Scarlett requested a version that reminds me of cotton candy ice cream. A bit too sweet! But she loves it.

And I pulled out one of my original hats--a fuchsia with white tassels.

Looks like I need to get working on some for the men.

You can find out more about my Triple Strand Earflap Hat Crochet pattern here.


Dana Marie said...

Those look so cozy! I can knit, but barely know how to crochet. Does it work up quickly with the three strands?

Anneliese said...

@Dana Marie: yes! It works up very quickly with three strands. And there isn't any seaming as I designed it to work in the round.

Anonymous said...

Maravillosas vacaciones, celebro que paséis esos buenos ratos con la familia, sobre todo abrigados! Muchos besitos desde Sevilla, Ani.

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