Monday, March 24, 2014

Sewing: Winnie Shrug Testers

Spring is officially here, which means summer is just around the corner, and that is why I love this little madras Winnie Shrug sewn by one of my pattern testers, Robyn. I wouldn't have thought of this fabric but it is darling, especially layered over the chambray blouse.

I'm sharing more great versions of this new pattern sewn by my testers after the jump.

Teri sewed a red stretch sateen Winnie Shrug with cozy sherpa lining. The contrast is so great, isn't it? You can view her pattern review and more photos, here.

This sweet minky Winnie Shrug is by Carolina of Dotted Whale. The bright pink button is so fun. This outfit looks adorable on her little girl. You will have to take a look at more of her photos here.

And what little girl (or grown up girl!) wouldn't love a shrug in faux fur? I love this plush version sewn by Mary Jo of All This for Them. She posted a pattern review here.

This cute denim shrug was sewn by Sarah of The Provincial Homemaker. Denim is such a great pick for this!

I love this photo from Kim! And the pattern mixing is great too. The black and white tribal print she picked for the lining on her Winnie Shrug looks so fun with the floral print top underneath. And the big red button--I really love the oversized buttons on these shrugs.

Silvia made her daughter a reversible pink and purple fleece Winnie Shrug. My girls would be over the moon for this color combination.

Tammy sewed a Winnie Shrug in fleece too. I was so happy to have some of my testers use fleece. With all the versions I sewed that's one fabric I didn't get to, but I knew it would be great. You can read more about this shrug from Tammy here.

I just have to show you this beautiful lined, silk shrug from Kate, with a bound buttonhole. Her craftsmanship is incredible. I can't believe that buttonhole.

Lastly, some matching sibling Winnie Shrugs! You know I have a weakness for coordinating sister outfits...

These cute shrugs were sewn by Chelsie in a finewale corduroy. Another great fabric option. You can see more of her work here.

I am so grateful to this great group of testers! It's such a relief to have one's work checked by a variety of sewers. I felt pretty good about The Winnie Shrug pattern going into it, but their feedback really boosted my confidence. Thank you!


Tammy said...

So pretty! I love the red and sherpa combination. My daughter just loves wearing hers, she wore it yesterday and has it on again today, in fact! I was thinking it would be fun to make one in lighter-weight fabric for spring, the silk shrug is a beautiful spring shrug!

Anonymous said...

BRAVO to all these "testers!" Such variety in fabric types as well as color choices for this WINNIE SHRUG pattern, Anneliese. Such cute girls modeling their mother's creations. My favorite is the pink & orange small plaid SILK shrug with the bound buttonhole--PERFECT! Sarah Helene, Minneapolis

Emily said...

Lovely shrugs!

Becky said...

The shrugs are darling! I also love the yellow pigtail bows. Can you share where they are from?

Robyn said...

Not sure how to reply to a previous comment... But, Becky, the yellow pigtails are my daughter's. I got them from one of daily deals. They have had them on the site two different times. So maybe they will again?? I love love love them too. But... Oliver and s has a darling free tutorial for "bow hair ties" that is very similar. You can probably make them in 5 minutes tops!

Hope that helps. :)

Robyn said...

Also... This was a fun pattern to sew up! Makes your little girl feel super special and a little cozier too. I love the variety of shrugs that were created!

Kate said...

Thanks for your kind comments about my silk shrug! When we were testing it was still quite hot over here in Australia so silk was a good choice.

But I will say that the silk I used wasn't a terribly good choice as it had no stretch in it at all. I made a size 8 for a friend's little girl but it was so snug it didn't fit. Definitely make sure that you pick fabrics with some give in them.

The bound buttonhole was something I've not done for many MANY years. It was a challenge but gave a gorgeous result, and it's definitely a skill that is worth acquiring for all sewists.

Thanks for such a delightful and simple garment, Annaliese!

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