Monday, March 17, 2014

Invitations: Rainbow Birthday Party (Free Printable)

Happy St. Patrick's Day. I would exclamation point that, but to be honest, I don't feel all that excited about it. Not trying to be a spoil sport. I just find I can't celebrate all holidays equally. My girls on the other hand... They were very easily amused with some of the mischief they discovered in our house this morning. Crazy Leprechauns. And we did share some corned beef yesterday with family. And we made green rice krispie treats. That ought to be enough I think!

The holiday seems like a good excuse to share this printable though! A rainbow birthday party invitation. I made it for Scarlett's Rainbow Art Birthday Party last year, but it was late enough in the season I thought I'd wait for this Spring to share it. So get ready for some rainbow posts.

You can find this free 4x6 printable here on Google drive. It's a PDF, with a backside you can edit with your party details in Adobe Reader. (The front text can't be edited in Reader--too tricky with the color and font changes--but if you have the skills you could do some pasting over with a graphics program.) Then take it to a local printshop, print double-sided, and trim. 

I hope this will help if you have a rainbow party in your future!

1 comment:

Odile said...

thanks a lot for sharing ! that's great…I've to be ready for a farewell party end of may…I'm gonna use it !

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