Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sewing: Ruffled Rag Flower Applique

I had so much fun with the Ruffled Rag Applique in a heart for Scarlett that I had to try another, for Tess. (Audrey is not at all interested in something with this much frilly texture, which is fine.)
So Tess got a flower.
This time I used one fabric for the first, inside outline of the flower, and a second for the outer outline. I love the corals and pinks together. And it was nice that the shirt happened to match the Prairie Pants I made her a few months ago (they are getting a bit short) (still working on finishing that pattern...).
The other difference between this applique and the heart one is that I sewed directly on the t-shirt after applying some HeatN'Bond to the reverse side, and then I adhered a piece of white knit to the reverse to cover up all the stitching and just stitched around the perimeter of the flower to make it permanent. 

She's a peach. Full of personality. Thank goodness for her good humor, especially after a long weekend of indoor time...
You can find the original tutorial here.


Dawn said...

Sweet! Hard to take my eyes off of your darling daughter to look at the appliqué. ;o)

peggy said...

What a beautiful little girl and i love the flower. The pants are pretty cool too!

Anonymous said...

HOW LOVELY-- another cute & creative idea to decorate a plain white T-shirt for one on your darling daughters! The ruffled-rag-applique you've sewn for Tess seems versatile for her to wear with many colored slacks and skirts. A FUN sewing project INDEED! Sarah Helene in Minneapolis, MN

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